Locked item disappeared from inventory

Hi, I crafted a bis 600 bag and was linking it to chat but I noticed it was gone from my inventory after I tp’ed. I’m guessing I accidently shift clicked it and it dropped, even though it was locked. :frowning: It happened november 28, 2022 around 6:30pm+ pst. Any help is appreciated thank you

You’ll need to contact support here. It would help if you knew the exact item name.

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If the item was lost without any action performed from your end, I recommend following steps-

Then check your storage containers (by going to Map → clicking on a town → storage)

  • Check the trading post history in the trading post

In case you have dropped it or you are still unable to trace the item in your account, kindly contact support, as @JakeL has suggested (thank you :slight_smile: ) .

I hope this helps!

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I had the same thing happening yesterday, a hatchet with corrupted bane/keenly empowered and rogue, I used it for like a week or 2. I opened the game today, couldn’t find it anywhere, I must have dropped it somewhere while running as I hit shift yesterday, normally you should not be able to drop locked items in proximity but I guess it happened, contacted support and they said they cannot do anything about it, sad.

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I am sorry for the issue, and I recommend you to contact the support again and please inform them that the item has been dropped accidently.

They will be able to check your account for eligibility of availing courtesy service and advise accordingly. If eligible they will be raising a ticket for you for further investigation. I would like to add that it is all subject to investigation and approval, and hence cannot make any promises, but it is still worth a try. :smile:

You can also share this post link if required.

Please note that for salvaged items we wont be able to assist.

Thank you!

Hello @Helianthus,

Thank you!
I contacted support again and a ticket got opened for investigation.

They were able to restore my item :smiley:

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