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Was not sure if this is the best place to request assistance for this as I didn’t see any support feature within the game, so if not… please point me in the right direction. Requesting assistance with missing LOCKED item in inventory. The item is Flint which is a great sword, not the flint rocks from the ground. It was leveled to 625 as well. I had used it yesterday to do dungeons and went to use again today but is not in my inventory or any storage sheds. The item was locked which tells me it was likely shift+click dropped as the game does not prevent you from accidentally throwing locked items on the ground… which kinda defeats the purpose of locking your gear… So somewhere between 3pm on 12/18/2022 and 3pm on 12/19/2022 the item Flint (gs 625) was not protected by being locked and is now gone. If possible please resotre the item or replace the materials used to craft and upgrade.

Thanks in advance for any info or assistance.

Flint - Item - New World Database (nwdb.info)

Double check all of your storages. If it isn’t there, you’ll need to contact support here:

Thanks. Checked like 3 times… by name, by gear score and just looking at every single item… very hard to miss a bright red sword…

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Hey there @Xpade!

As @JakeL mentioned (thanks again as always) you need to contact us via support ticket and expose your case, in order to determine what happened with the item and help you out.

I hope this can get resolved, stay safe both of you! :wink:


Unfortunately, your ticket to get an item restored will likely be met with;

  • We can’t restore salvaged item
  • We can’t restore dropped item
  • We have no record of this item being on your account

Mass Salvaging and the UI bugging causing an equipped/locked item to drop has been an issue since launch but seems to be worse lately due to desync

Dear AGS; Locked items should not be droppable

This game has bugs around salvaging which can cause equipped/locked gear to be discarded.

This has been a big issue since launch.

Their official policy which isn’t actually public does say they can’t help with salvaged items for what it’s worth, but I have seen (and personally have) gotten items back. It is sadly the only way to do so right now.

Would totally agree. If they really don’t want to, I’d love to see a prompt or something. Would resolve so many issues.

The issue is that I highly doubt the item was salvaged, it’s just a cop-out response given.

My item was salvage locked so it shouldn’t be possible to salvage it, if the game salvaged a locked item it should be forgiven.

Over the last 1-2 months the desync and server lag has been noticeably worse which makes this salvage/drop bug more common.

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