Locked Items Feedback

Hi, thought I should share my thoughts on a potential improvement for Locked Items.
Let me start by first explaining why I’ve come here to make this suggestion.

I was auto-running in Reekwater, I also had my inventory open, so I could swap to my Mining Gear as I approached the new northern-most Orichalcum node area. I got attacked by some nearby Angry Earth and my Inventory closed.
I went about my business mining whatever was there.
A while later after I had returned to town I was placing my items into storage’s, only to notice my 625 boots were missing, I checked all my storages everywhere, in case I had placed it somewhere by mistake, so what I believe happened was I dropped them when I got attacked somehow.
I’ve since replaced them however, I realized there is no item restoration feature in this game.
So my suggestion is this - Locked items cannot be dropped on the ground. They are after all Locked for a reason.
It is I believe relatively simple to implement, and this will truly protect those items from ever going anywhere and is a nice small QoL improvement.

TL;DR: Please make Locked Items unable to be dropped, as well as un-salvageable.
They should be allowed to go between Inventory / Equipped / Storage Only.

Thank you for reading.


Hi there Shadowdelve, this sounds like a frustrating experience youve had here. I will make sure to get your feedback sent up to the Dev team so they can take a look. Thank you for bringing this to the forums! Have a great weekend!

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This has happened to me multiple times where I’ve dropped an rare when i was just browsing and salvaging. Luckily I’ve noticed it everytime. Please please add a prompt for droping items or the suggestion op has mentioned

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