Locked Items Suggestion

Locked items should be impossible to: Trade, Salvage, Drop.

This will avoid some people loosing their items because they dropped and they didn’t saw or something like that.

You can already lock items?

Thank you a lot :slight_smile:

Yes you can lock them by Left Click+L, but it only locks for salvage. But you can trade and drop. Many players lost their items because they dropped them by fast salvaging, putting them into the storage,…

If Locked Items were impossible to Trade, Salvage, Drop. That wouldn’t happen.

Yeah my friend just told me that it doesnt stop you from dropping the item. So weird.

lost a good chunk of asmodium from shift clicking to put into storage…but lag failed to open or reconize storage and it dropped it on the ground…too many people around to be able to pick it up before it despawned no matter the angle i tried to nab it from…and im sure its happened to far to many for gear and other items…at least locking gear in this matter would solve that issue for gear, not for other things tho

throwing in CHAIN LOCK

lock sets of stuff so that at the least items being used will be moved in and out at the same time. hopefully even equipped at the same time.

for the life of me i hate looking for my dungeon set when it gets dumped into my crafting sets.

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