Locked out of AmazonGames account

So, yesterday when I was going to log into my AmazonGames account on the website, to use the forums, the website prompted me to use a verification code that would be sent to my e-mail.
I went on my e-mail, found said code, and entered it - after doing so the next message that was shown to me was one saying that unusual activity had been registered on my account, because of this it was temporarily suspended and I needed to contact customer support for further assistance.
To contact your customer support, you actually have to be logged in to a AmazonGames account, and not only this, you also need to have said account linked to a Steam account, after trial and error and alot of grief I managed to come to this conclusion through extensive testing and googling, as there is legit no way to get in contact with you other than this.
I made a new e-mail account, registered said account to AmazonGames and then also linked it to my Steam account, after doing all of this I was able to queue up for the Live Chat.
I waited in queue until my errand was being handled and then I had to spend 45 minutes explaining to the Customer Support Agent what my issue was, for the first 45 minutes, your agent was telling me in very poor English that I should try to unlink and relink my steam account, that I should go into Steam and validate the files, that I should restart Steam and log in/out of Steam, I kept explaining, over and over, that I have zero issues with Steam, that my game works fine, that I can log ingame just fine, and that the ONLY issue I have, is that the website and forum locked me out for this “unusual activity”, which I also am guessing got triggered by me signing in with another browser than before.
After the first 45 minutes with this customer support agent had passed, I finally managed to make him/her understand what the issue was, and was told to wait while he/she investigated, after another 5 minutes the agent returned to tell me that this is a known issue that happens for some players and you are working on a fix.
Now, I still dont know if this person actually understood my issue, or believed I was infact locked out of my game account which would then be the known issue and told me to wait for updates on this matter.
I need my forum/website access so that I can get in contact with support when needed, and post on the forums, therefore I am making this thread so that maybe a dev/mod can have a look and resolve the issue, I find it very hard to believe you guys actually cannot unlock my “temporarily locked” account.
This post is written from the new account I had to register just to be able to even get in contact with you, please respond when given time, so that I can provide the details of my actual account if there is actually something you can do to once again give me access to the forum/website login.
I also documented my whole interaction with the customer support agent as I was completely baffled I had to spend all in all an hour talking to this person, just to get through that I can’t sign in to the forums and there’s nothing you can do to help.

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Hello @SweattyBetty2,

I’m sorry for the issue you are having with your account being temporarily locked, can you please send me the forum name and email address of the account that is locked through private message only please, so I can further assist you with this.

Hope to hear from you soon, take care.

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