Lodestone Problem

I know its been said by the devs it was intentional to use lodestone in both tier 4 and tier 5 (for some reason!?!?) but lodestone is quickly becoming a huge issue.

Farming spots for lodestone are limited and have been overrun for months now. Plus it continues to baffle the community why stone is “special” that its the only resource that needs the same mat for both 4 and 5. Its currently selling for 3.75 per ore on my server.

The upcoming expansion is going to push this issue into hyperdrive as you need a runestones for many new item such as heartrunes.

Please AGS address this, increase the number of nodes and or increase the drop rate. Or get rid of the need for it in both tier 4 and 5.

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Especially with the Stopwatch now. They definitely need more nodes for lodestone like they did with Ori and Star. Also Wyrdwood and Ironwood could use more spawns too.

its overrunned because of new reciepes on the PTR
this is the only problem revealing reciepes on PTR

people making profit

but yeah in the end it would be the same if things go live

they should use fake recipes with different materials or give already existing items on PTR without revealing everything


Its been at 3 gold per ore well before the PTR notes. Runestone stopwatches helped push this up but its been sneaking up for quite some time. Its not just the patch notes.

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