Log in keeps kicking me out. FIX IT!?

Normaly i never complain but today is my first time. i have spent 3 hours in que just to get kick from it… and then i spent 2 hours in the queue again just to get kicked again. it kept sayin there was too many request or something, and somtimes it knew my spot in the queue but it ended up kicking me and putting me back in the line anyways.

i dont have that much time playing and i have really been looking forward to play, but this is really bad… i know there is problems and they are probabl working hard to fix things… but come one guys dont freaking kick people from queues thats just the worst. i spent 6 hours totally now just in the queue, and it would be okay IF it was just people in front of me. i dont get the waiting time back… please just fix it so other people wont experince shitte things like this.


Same here .

Seems we need to plan our life over sleeping habits of other players

Go from 800 + in queue to under 20 then kick 3 times today ,atm on 89th …lets see if it happens under 20 or over this time.

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when you get kicked and receive an external server error message hit OK and don’t touch anything, it will automatically put you in the queue back to the position you were in

Once you get an error message just click ok. Do not touch anything after. This should put you back in the spot that you were in to begin with. I have lost my position in que today just as I found out about this ;D clicking play button resets the que. If you click ok and do nothing, it keeps you in the same spot and moves further even. I’ve seen people log in just by being afk through all the errors.

Depends on which region you are in. I’d say 2 AM is a good time to start, then grind as long as you need to get 8 hours (or less, depending on person) of sleep again before you hit 2 AM next day. :smiley:

also a lot of people are unaware of this trick and as such you get a very good position compared to the one you were in because all of them reseted their queues

In Bermuda Triange of regions EU

If nothing changes tomorrow i’ll start new acc on USA East.Only have like 50 ping on them.

@nxp unfortunally it only sends you back sometimes but 3 times (just today) it has just kicked me back in the line. so its not true it helps and thats the solution :frowning: i have a lot of friends who plays right now and they told me the trick. but it dosnt always help.

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