Login Blocked Error: Suspicious Software has been occuring for two weeks

It has been two weeks now that I have no longer been able to play New World (Since Thursday 4th November) due to the ‘Unable to Login; Blocked: Suspicious Software or Corrupted install detected’ error bug.

I was falsely banned for no reason on this day and was then unbanned on the 8th of November from a ban appeal. (i assume)

This is the list of troubleshooting methods i have done - i have done some of these methods multiple times;

  • Verifying integrity of game files
  • Reinstalling/repairing EasyAntiCheat
  • Reinstalling the game
  • Reinstalling steam
  • Disabling IPV6
  • Updating Windows update
  • Updating Nvidia Graphics drivers
    The Troubleshooting methods below I have done that confirms that it is server side and no longer client side.
  • Tried to play on my account using Nvidia Geforce Now
  • A friend could play on my computer on HIS account.
  • I still get the same error message on my friend’s computer

Assuming it is @NW_Mugzy that wrote the comment below, this is wrong purely because i have appealed a ‘ban’ long after i was unbanned and was told that there was nothing on my account on both the moderation ban appeal side as well as the live chat side. I have spoken to multiple live chat representatives and they have mentioned that it is indeed a server side issue for my specific issue.


I do not understand why this error has been ignored by moderators on the forum recently, why it has not been fixed in the most recent patch and why it has not been clarified in a lot more detail by a developer. I have officially not been able to play the past 2 patches.

I have had 1 big ticket that was created (99efe4fe-f136-48af-86ff-3d9a873560dd) and was fully detailed which I got a reply back from

They note that ‘something on your system is definitely conflicting.’ which is very very wrong due to the fact that i have tested playing on my friend’s computer on my account whilst he could still play his account on his computer. The representative clearly has not read my ticket properly. and its very clear its not my computer.

Mods, please do not reply with an additional troubleshooting method because it will not work. My Issue is a server side issue.

The reason why I have written this post is because it will be without a doubt be automated or the representative who will view the ticket will not properly read the ticket and close it.

My most recent ticket id is V470803212 detailed with all my information and game logs.

Please action this! @Developer - I have messaged @Kay and @TheLawRich who are commonly active on the forums and have left me on read.

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Bump. need this sorted now.

I have the same Error, bumb




Daily bump.

I suspect a mod will not be replying to this as they have nothing to say? nevertheless, i will keep bumping.

@Luxendra @NW_Mugsy I know there is nothing you can do but please get a developer or someone who has access to the backend to look into this as soon as possible! I haven’t been able to play for two weeks!


Hello @Fwis !

Sory this is taken so long, I will personally follow up with your ticket and request updates for this, as soon as I have an update I’ll let you know :slight_smile:

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There has been multiple update requests for the ticket but nothing has been said since it has been created. I hope your follow up provides an update.

Something on my account needs to be updated in the backend, I’m not sure what kind of account authentication process you are using when logging in, most likely conflicts when the system checks my account status? - just a guess but this error when all troubleshooting does not work persists when a user gets banned and unbanned as of the previous patch

we almost had it X_X , man i got so excited and flung towards my computer.

Who said you’re able to play?

Likely the same support as you based on the photo you posted from a support member. lol I try not to post any names. but i think we are talking about the same person

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Is this via direct message? Did he not give any details as to what was done to ‘fix’ your account?

Not yet, yes this is direct message between me and a support i have been working with for the last 2 weeks.

Looks like I will be DMing him if he is replying faster than anyone else :joy:, has anything changed in your game logs?

How do i check the game logs? this is one i have not done yet.

Go to your c drive>users>name of user>Appdata>Roaming or local> AGS> gamelogs?

May not be as accurate as I’m on my phone so cannot give you the precise file location. Make sure you have hidden files as shown as well