Login Blocked need healp

Greetings! When I was creating sickles, I was thrown out of the game and was not allowed to enter the game during the day, giving out such an error.

I tried to figure out on my own the appearance of this error well it did not lead to a positive result.

Please give me recommendations on how to fix the error or the reasons for its appearance.

I tried to run the game by disabling more. part of the processes through the task manager

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I have same problem after update 1.0.5

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And now it’s saying Access Denied, you have been banned for cheating, Retry?

What the actual fuck is goin on??


Seems like it is happening to a lot of people

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You’re not the only one. Now it’s saying Access Denied, You have been banned for cheating, Retry?

I logged into the game to get what you are getting, and now it’s saying this.

This is absolutely dumb. No explanation, No response, go figure.


hah it’s true


I literally just woke up to the exact same error after spending about 2 hours yesterday talking with live chat about the suspicious program or corrupted install error…

World: Lagado
Character: eXqusicc


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