Login Blocked, Support not providing accurate fixes

Greetings NewWorld Staff , Players

My name is hopys from the server tayopa. I have a little over 370 hours of game time. Despite the bugs and constant issues, I have greatly enjoyed the game and keep providing hope to my fellow players that the issues will be resolved. After the patch today i began getting the error [Login Blocked: Suspicious Software or Corrupted Install Detected]. I have a 100% clean pc in preparation for new world. I have only discord , windows , steam new world and banner lord installed on my computer.

I have contacted support three times today in hopes of getting a fix, I have tried everything they requested. Installed the game fresh 2x today, validated steam files , Ran the Easy Anti Cheat repair, Wiped my pc and did a fresh install again. Yet no luck. The login error continues.

I have never abused game mechanics or any 3rd party programs for this game. When everyone was killing boars over and over again or abusing the hatchet etc. I just kept playing my style. There is nothing that can explain these actions. I am open to giving a dev full control over my pc to do his own research. This computer is only used for gaming. I don’t even store photos on it. So when i say its 100% clean i mean its legit clean.

Support live just keeps sending me in circles and at this point I’m losing faith.!

Update: They are saying the issue is being resolved. However i see people on these forums from oct 14th are still locked out. I really hope this is accurate. I will keep looking for more updates. It would be nice to see an update from @devs.

Im having same issue. No luck so far…


Hello @Hopy_of_Tayopa
Welcome to the forums!Very happy to see you joining us here.
I am very sorry for this issue, and what you were told on the chat is right, just that that time frame is an expectation, for the moment there is no exact date for this fix to come live.
I truly thank you for your patience with the errors and be sure the team is working hard to resolve this as soon as possible.

Thank you for the response Raftel, There appears to be a lot of misinformation going around the forms right now, Does this have to do with a ban or an separate issue? After reading other post its concerning there is many people saying this is a perma ban etc. @Raftel

This is an internal error and that is why the devs are working to fix it, it is not a ban much less a permaban.

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Day Two update

Missed two wars , no taxes paid, Are there any plans to make an announcement to the community what is going on or battle plan? It seems like the issue is effecting a decent group of us. People seem to be loosing hope and going in circles. Also noticing alot of players on here attacking people calling them botters / cheaters for being caught up in this error in the system.

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Support chat, community manager, devs, moderation…
Sending people in circles? Noooo way !! xD

Been trying to get a hold of somebody for four days now and no one wants to answer, keep giving me bots response and block threads…

Not very helpful and treating the community in a poorly manner…

Hope it gets better because the patience getting thin.

I hope your issue gets resolved brother!


likewise, Wishing you the best as well. My patience is normally very well held together when i am getting accurate and updated information. Yet only comments and mixed information from support and team here. I have hopes that @Raftel is the correct information, and amazon support is wrong. The amazon live support team is really messing things up as far as info goes. They kept telling me to contact steam despite this being a known issue. Than another support member claimed it was a ban and it needed to be appealed. All in all this might be one of the worst experiences I have had in gaming. I understand issues come up and can work with that. But so far many are in the dark and getting a ton of misinformation.

Hell , i would support a subscription model for this game if it meant some better solutions and communication.

bump day 4.5 is here.

I have the same issue. i cant login. i want to play, wtf is this

Rez this from a month ago :slight_smile:


LOL , i guess i am being to impatient. This was taken today 10 mins ago. How old is this thread?

As a small update, i have had this issue since oct 25th roughly, I have been told there is no ban on my account or even one ever placed. That they did a full investigation and found it was clean and i should be able to play again, this was 3 weeks ago. As of today. I am in the same boat but have tried wiping my pc twice, tons of validation , gamelog dumps and searches. Its 100% account based. And after 30+ days no closer. Thankfully i have kept a copy of everything, because i fear a ban happy mod would rather silence the issue than fix it.

Hello @Hopy_of_Tayopa.

Thank you for your patience with issue.

I just wanted to check if your issue has been solved?

Please feel free to tag me, or let me know if you are facing this issue.

Safe travels! :mage: :snowflake:

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