Login blocked: Suspicious software or corrupted install detected help pls reason 50

hello i getting this error any authorized can help me ?

Login blocked: Suspicious software or corrupted install detected


<2021-11-02 02:41:30.569>: [Info] (AZCore): [GameConnection] Report Error: Reason: 50 BannedUntilEpochMS: 0d
<2021-11-02 02:41:30.569>: [Info] (AZCore): [Game] CGame::OnConnectionFail: OnConnectionFail: Reason: 50

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Ive got the same issue, why cant we login???

that message is misleading… you are banned… look into your game.log you can find it under AppData Local AGS NewWorld search in the log for BannedUntilEpoc: 0d

in 1 or 2 days the message will change to You are banned for Cheating!

believe it or not. its not a amazon issue its a temporary false message which is truly a ban!

Don’t lie to people the logs have Ban Reason and Ban length for everyone’s log files. I am getting the same error but my log says ban length 0d meaning I’m NOT banned. It’s a weird bug that’s been going around for months you can find tons of people with the same issue.

Got the same error suddenly today while I was 2 mins in the outpost rush. Went directly into the point and been strafing left - right… normal gameplay. Suddenly “lag detected” message appeared, got kicked out of the game and cannot login anymore. Tried fixing the files via Steam, tried reinstalling the game. Nothing helps.

I can add that I am a python developer so I have some python running in the background - its my WORK… I never used that for cheating.

Never abused, exploited anything, never played with bugged hatched, I was on boars only for the quest for 5 mins. Never duped gold via market. Havent done ANYTHING wrong. They’re banning for free…

the same thing.
i was running pycharm and vncviewer for my new program while play this game,and got the same error since 1h ago

Same thing happened to be, can we please get some help here AGS? We are worried we are wrongfully getting banned because you said you just started banning the gold - dupers.

I’ve bought 3 crappy luck+ items (50-100 coins each) on the market 5 mins before I got banned - maybe they treated it as duping hahahaha

Also impacted and couldn’t figure out why. If it’s looking for background python running I’m running all sorts of that stuff for work in the background but it is all legitimate API requests and some web scraping.

Doing the same my friend. Webscraping some websites with Python, also some machine learning stuff etc.

I have it same

and i did 0 nth wrong

I hited live chat they told me make unban appeal…
which i did also

i almost throw my pc throw window i just cant belive … waited days trade gets enabled … .and now this … still dont have email replay …

i do not have no phyton or c++ my pc is clean windows 10 without antivirus 2 games installed new world and wow thats it .

did not exploit all what i did before this happened puted items on trade centar worth like 6k gold tops

I was doing outpost rush, in the middle of claiming the flag, a friend of mine asked for help with his work, I opened xampp, 5 mins later i got kicked along with the login blocked message.

I’ve tried reinstalling, verify cache. None of it work.

Quite funny how you are all using coding, scripting and datamining stuff… ya know like normal players have running when gaming…


Im having the same issue! i am a legit player and i have no 3rd party software running. could it be due to icue or steel series software for binding keys???! i have no idea. i did nothing to cheat or do anything to enhance my characters damage or anything. this is crazy!

I can not even launch the game, what is going on ??? People saying banned, I’ve been enjoying this fkn game to the fullest gathering everything, haven’t used trading post til last week, got a double on my first void bent I got yesterday, now I can’t even play the fkn game, WHAT IS GOING ON

Yy, I just because I am a Python Developer I should have been banned from this game at the very beginning. Which professions would you also exclude?


I’ve been mosty using Cloud gaming (Geforce NOW), please tell me how i get this kind of message … This seems like a false positive :confused:

And this happen right after the ban wave and implementing exploit threshold… They said file a support ticket for appeal or something else

Exactly. Who has their work environment up and running while playing an MMORPG? I also do software dev, and know full well that many games quite logically block those sorts of dev environments from being active.

One exploit in particular has been known to use python to control gold-farming bots (the ones seen in the starter areas).

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Simple googling return this