Login Blocked: Suspicious Software or Corrupted Install Detected

Hey everyone,

I just finished the update and can’t login. I’ve verified files, restarted PC etc.

Any ideas what this “Suspicious Program” might be? I have Corsair iCue running but without that my Keyboard/Mouse/Headset will go all funky and LGBT style flashy colours XD

Just trying to locate the issue before I do a full reinstall of New World!


Just to add to this:

Pc Specs are:

980ti (Yes I know due an upgrade)
128gb DDr4 Memory

Windows 10 (It does advise my license is expiring soon)

Got this too after update

pc specs:
1080 ti
16gb memory
ryzen7 1700

logitech and icue on background

Turning off iCue made no difference

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yeah, i did that too

Same here getting this error message as well

What server are you guys on? Jut to rule out a server issue

Asia Pacific - Zara

US East - Folkvangr

So it’s something on our PCs NW doesn’t like I guess :confused:

Wait what? I hope that’s a joke!

Easyanticheat has a repair executable I think. Google find the location. Might be worth a shot

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I’ve completely nuked the game and redownloading atm, deleted all files etc, so hopefully that fixes it!

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the easyanticheat repair does not work… I wish it did… but nope…

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Yea it doesn’t work.

A complete uninstall/delete all files and reinstall has done nothing to help


I also encountered this problem.



I can only recommend to check Windows updates, as I had updated mine moment ago. Also make sure to check anti-virus software in case the issue is occurring with specific anti-virus software.

Same issue… hoping the fix it….?

If Amazon said it’s not the account that’s messed up:

Can you show us your processes in task manager?

Like all of you? Maybe you have something all in common.

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