Login Blocked: Suspicious Software or Corrupted Install Detected

Anything more from them on fixes and resolve?

Everyone with this issue has been banned, even though they cannot confirm why or how. I assume it’s a false flag as I haven’t done anything not even anti-afk etc. I’ve been a little mouthy in chat but would expect a reason for that.

You can check the log files at

Users\<username>\AppData\Local\AGS\New World\LogBackups

And search for

Reason: 50 BannedUntilEpochMS: 0d

Support is unclear why.


Probably for boars I guess? It’s a perma ban or?

I am never do boars
so we got ban for no reason?

I did boars but was only for like 45 minutes!

I have the same issue. support suggested me to do a ‘‘verify game files’’ check and see if it fixes. Currently reinstalling the game so cannot try it, if someone else wants to give it a shot

From the Library section, right-click on the game and select Properties from the menu. Select the Local files tab and click Verify integrity of game files. Steam will verify the game’s files, this process may take several minutes.

mine doesnt even have a “reason” in logs

I did it but not working

I tried this already… apparently we have been flagged tk be banned for some reason. I did a lot of boars

Did that, then reinstalled and deleted everything. According to the game logs I am banned, as is probably everyone here.

Can only assume it’s related to boars or something else.

I was a little blunt in chat but without a reason I am guessing.

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Maybe VMWare or VirtualBox

I got this :

<2021-10-13 15:05:42.533>: [Info] (AZCore): [GameConnection] Report Error: Reason: 1 BannedUntilEpochMS: 0d
<2021-10-13 15:05:42.533>: [Info] (AZCore): [GameConnection] Report Error: Reason: 50 BannedUntilEpochMS: 0d
<2021-10-13 15:05:42.533>: [Info] (AZCore): [Game] CGame::OnConnectionFail: OnConnectionFail: Reason: 50

Same here. Getting the same window.

Do you have cheat engine installed?

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No. I do have autohotkey though.

Might be it. I don’t know. I remember league would auto-crash or something with cheat engine or keywords in window titles. Maybe it’s something different. Valorant’s rootkit isn’t it. I have it installed and it works for me.

<2021-10-13 15:17:02.428>: [Info] (AZCore): [Game] CGame::OnCampfireLoginComplete, login successful.
<2021-10-13 15:17:02.428>: [Info] (AZCore): [Game] LogEnvironmentString: Gateway Signing Host: 0prplal5u1.execute-api.us-east-1.amazonaws.com
<2021-10-13 15:17:02.428>: [Info] (AZCore): [Game] LogEnvironmentString: Gateway Address: d2oeuvxi3kfsrw.cloudfront.net
<2021-10-13 15:17:02.428>: [Info] (AZCore): [Game] LogEnvironmentString: HTTP Gateway Address: https://d2oeuvxi3kfsrw.cloudfront.net/prod
<2021-10-13 15:17:02.428>: [Info] (AZCore): [Game] LogEnvironmentString: Gateway Mode: gateway
<2021-10-13 15:17:02.428>: [Info] (AZCore): [GameConnection] ConfigureLogin MODE_GATEWAY: endpoint=d2oeuvxi3kfsrw.cloudfront.net, httpEntpoint=https://d2oeuvxi3kfsrw.cloudfront.net/prod, region=us-east-1
<2021-10-13 15:17:02.431>: [Info] (AZCore): [StackConfig] LayerS3(): layer’s “remoteCfg.public.ProductId” S3 key (old: “”), reset to new value: “applications/public/configuration-sets/ProductId/STEAM_APP_ID.1063730/versionless”

Look further down, there should be a reason, reason 50 or search banned.

It seems this is a ban wave and of course they messed it up :rofl:

Back to real life I guess