Login Blocked: Suspicious Software or Corrupted Install Detected

I did search banned but nothing lol

Yep back to sleeping and binging TV until they fix it.

Credit card chargeback at the ready…

Then you must have a different issue haha :joy:

If you are getting this error then you will have a reason code in the log.

Just talked to support … after worthless troubleshooting they said:

“upon checking there is known issue with this with the fresh patch and our team is investigating it to resolve this at the earliest i have send your feedback about this as well for the same”

no its same shit lol I just looked at log from my alt but yeah same thing reason 50 I think that’s just the error message were all getting

they’ve said that for the last 8 days

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@Muzz Can you please comment here? We can’t play your game man.

Just started getting this after update. Online with Support, seems to have been escalated to techs.

S** T**** [1:08:53 PM] : Will have to check, just a minute

S** T**** [1:12:42 PM] : This is an ongoing issue, give the team sometime, it is already escalated to the devs

Bumping thread. Also receiving this after the update. If it was boars, that’s a bit out of wack. I literally only skinned about 10 to get my skinning up 2 levels and moved on because I kept dying to the onslaught.

Weird little thing i would like to throw in here, my friend online can see me go online then go offline about 3-4 secs later. So this isn’t a true ban. Your character is entering the world

Everyone adding here this is a ban, the error message only applies to a ban.

If like me you are confused etc we have to wait for Amazon.

I did do boars for less than 45 minutes. Out of 160 hours played I would have expected a warning not a ban…

But let’s see.

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Contacted support again and only answer I got was

L**** F******* [13:20:59] : Yes we are aware of this situation.
Me: Does it mean my account is banned ?
L**** F******* [13:22:41] : No no is not banned


I haven’t played the game in over a week because of various errors. Now I am getting this error. Just contacted support and all they have to say is we are working on it. This is extremely frustrating.

Understandably it applies to bans, BUT! There is an official “Ban” screen. I played for 23 hours yesterday and woke up to this. I didn’t even do boars. I did expedition, hit lvl 60, fished for a bit while waiting for next expedition, PVP, Expedition, PVP, Expedition, Farmed Stone, Farmed Stone, Farmed Stone, Farmed Stone, Fished, Expedition, Expedition, Expedition, Farmed Platinum, Expedition, Expedition, Expedition, Logged Off…

My thoughts exactly. if it was a ban we would get the ban message not this one

Not exactly true, today’s update updated the ban messages to contain “More information”

You can check the logs and it’s the same log error “Error 50”

As the thread I linked above.

Verified Files = did not work
Reinstalled game = did not work
Updated windows = did not work
Verified antivirus is on and ran scan = did not work

Just updating with what has been tried. We might have to just wait to see what Amazon has to say.

I have no problem, and I checked my logs for you and I have the same errors.
I mean you are not banned.
Report Error: Reason: 48 BannedUntilEpochMS: 0d
Report Error: Reason: 1 BannedUntilEpochMS: 0d
Report Error: Reason: 50 BannedUntilEpochMS: 0d
Report Error: Reason: 44 BannedUntilEpochMS: 0d
I have these in different logs. And my account seems fine. So it is not related with your issues.

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Its not ban, ban message look like that !

Can we get a Moderator in here? @Muzz ?