Login Blocked: Suspicious Software or Corrupted Install Detected

Perma ban look like that !

This is quite amusing I’m not going to lie.

Last week, exactly the same day that the patch came out. As soon as servers came on, a thread was created by who I will refer to as cheaters.

In this thread, the poster said that when he tried to enter the game he got booted to the main menu. He included a photo of Amazon support stating it is NOT A BAN and a issue the devs/tech team was investigating.

Sure enough, in the logs, Error 50 Ban 0d was in ALL of their logs.
Two days go by, thread gets closed with no message from Amazon support to why, all those accounts get ingame messages stating their account was permanetely banned for cheating.

A lot of people from what I can see on reddit appealed, and all got declined.

it is clear here that:

  1. Whomever gets this message and has the error code 50 in their logs are BANNED

  2. Amazon Support are in no way directly connected to The developers and they must liase via Ticketing systems or emails. This is evident because:

a. Amazon Support stated to those people in that thread that it was not a ban and was an issue the developers were aware of

  1. Two days after all those reports of this error code 50 in the error logs, the thread was removed/closed and all those who was involved was banned for cheating

  2. Amazon Games clearly have not implemented Anti-Cheat correctly, otherwise those with bans from last week would have had an EAC ban message on their steam profile, which they didn’t. They did not receive any ingame messages, unlike those in this thread, until 2 days AFTER the patch.

This means either:

a. Amazon Games have a anti-cheat/flag system that blocks players from logging in after patches (Ie ban waves) but does not actually pass the information over that these players are banned until a developer manually processes this

b. They are doing this in an intelligent manner, ie block cheaters out of the game on patch days, and then deliver the bans to all accounts in bulk.

There is no other explanation of this. Correct me if I’m wrong, but all of this points to a ban for cheating of some kind.

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how do you check the logs ?
I don’t have a New World file in my AppData->Local

  1. AppData\Local\AGS\New World\LogBackups go here using %appdata% and latest log file

  2. ctrl+f and search for this [GameConnection] Report Error: Reason: 50 BannedUntilEpochMS: 0d

C:\Users*myname*\AppData\Local\AGS\New World\LogBackups

Normally I would agree but apart from a few boars I’ve not ran anything or done anything against TOS.

oh. yep yep. error 50 too

I only have the error 50, no idea what the other errors are you are getting.

I linked it above, the folder is called AGS in local

Here is the thread I was talking about last week. Just an idea to see how Amazon Addressed that issue. Amusing how the thread went missing, they unlisted it! Luckily a game news company on google had the link posted so I found it!

Not saying everyone is a cheater, but the error code 50 applied to everyone in that thread and they got banned.


Seems like most “banned” people have touched the boars one way or another. Daddy Bezos swang dat hammer and got rid of the cheaters!

like i said, it is not related with your issue. neither it is a ban. my account is working fine.

The boars were a honeypot. We got got… Unfortunate for all of us who played 200+ hours and for 1% of that time did a bit of cheesing. GG Amazon GG…

dont think boars played an issue because mine happened since the first patch so 8 days ago and I wasn’t able to do them if anything I avoided the afk timer and that was it

I have to go to work. I am going to leave this here. I really hope Amazon and the Devs give us some closure because from what I am seeing there is no way we will get unbanned or any help. Thank you all for struggling through this with me. Life has been a mess recently and this game was my Solace. I hope we all get closure or resoution please.

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Well… Boars…

So i also have this error message now. Also “Reason 50” logged in log files. But what the hell i just got banned for? :sweat_smile: I did not even abused their broken mob spawn system. Also did not cheated or anything and was always nice in chat. So why tf would they ban random people? Thats the thanks for waiting 4 hours more than planned for a patch, thanks AGS


Same here. Even didn’t know about the boars bug.
First long queues, than long patching, than this block message.
Love the gameplay, but everything else in this game is not smooth.


I’m getting this issue as well, uninstalled, reinstalled, verified, also tried reinstalling EasyAC. I can’t think of anything that I had open or did that could warrant this. I was split screening watching Netflix and looking up resource maps, I was also in boar area for a bit when I had to do the quest chain around there, but I’ve been playing non-stop since release, I may have been in an exploited area without knowing as well. I was literally 2 levels away from 60 and about to get into endgame content, we better not get customer serviced into limbo.

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