Login Blocked: Suspicious Software or Corrupted Install

After a long queue wait, login again is being blocked with a message indicating “suspicious software or a corrupted install” (as has been previously reported in a now locked thread):

So is there a known solution for this? Literally I played last week, was on the road all week, and logged back in this weekend to find this issue consistently blocking log-in. I am aware of no suspicious software on my PC. And nothing on my PC has changed while it was inactive. Steam verifies that all game files are present. Solution? Thanks!


We are waiting for a fix, support has been useless in updates. They really need to make a community post. Been locked out of my main account for nearly a week because of this. But was able to log on my 2nd one on the same pc without issue.


Since the new Update today with the Trading Post and the Transfer my game is crashing everytime after 5 minutes. I have no chance to play the game anymore. After 5min its freezinge i need to wait 2minutes after that its working again or… its crashes completly … I tried to repair my EAC, Steam, verified the Gamefiles, updated my Graphics Driver and more… Nothing is working before the update all was good i can play without crashes or smth else…

Otherwise it tells me my Game is Corrupted ot Illegal Software i am very confused … since today…

CPU: Ryzen 7 2700x
GPU: GTX 1070
Game is on an SSD

i have no clue why its crashing / freezing all the time…

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Same. cant login. login blocked.

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