Login Error - TooManyRequestsException

Hello Adventurers,

We are receiving some messages from you regarding the login error @mm_loginservices_TooManyRequestsException".


A lot of you are receiving this error while being queued for login to our servers.

While staying in the queue is not guaranteed, we have seen a good amount of reports that show that the following steps can help to remain in the queue:

  • CONFIRM the error message and keep waiting in character screen for 2-5 minutes.

  • After 2-5 minutes you should be switched back to your queue slot from before this error message automatically.

IMPORTANT: Do not click on “Play” as you will be queued into a new slot again at the end of the queue.

This issue was already escalated to Development for further review.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


How u can change server comon plz u miss ppl if u dont give info

This method doesn’t work, please don’t use a buggy method to fix a game breaking problem, or atleast try to suggest that as the fix.

It doesn’t work every time/for everyone, I did exactly what you said, got the error(went from 4k to 2k in this time) waited and got put back in, only to get to NUMBER 40 for the game to give me a different error code which went something like, “We couldn’t find a que to put you in, please try again” Its not word for word correct its along those lines.
I have been waiting since 9am to get on my server and you sprinkly a little bit of hope in my face and then just grab it and slap me right in the face.
Thanks man, honestly thank you and all the team!


I sat in queue 4-5 hours tonight after work when I got this message, clicked it away and didn’t click play. More than 30 min later it has still not put me back into queue. What a way to spend the evening.


Can’t confirm this as working work-around.

So dropped to position 7 in the queue after hours of waiting

  • First got the “Failed to join login queue” error.
  • Pressed “OK”, without pressing “Play”.
  • Then got TooManyRequestsException.
  • Also pressed “OK” without pressing “Play”

Been 25 minutes now and seems to be doing nothing now. No requeueing or whatever.


This “fix” does not work sub 100queue at all. Have been error slapped whole day at queue from 100 to 10 spot and this does nothing.

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Its complitly random if you will be again on queue or not i lose 12 hours today staying home waiting for queue got this messages more than 10 times , try this “solution” all of them the half was back on queue the other half i got 4k queue from the start so drop the server fix your problems and let all of the community play the game and not for some lucky guys that logged in and now they proggres alone with out competition we losing a lot of time and a lot of proggres , i lost more than 15-18 hour’s of gaming and proggresing from your fails


9h in que now because of this this errors all the time… 6 times has is crashed now, not a single time has I get my que back as it was, not even close… between 4-6000 in que every time…
The server is Midgard.
You guys must fix this ASAP.

Take your ques and get that s*#@! together I have been in ques the whole freaking day. This error keeps setting my que back several thousand in position every other hour! Im already lvl 25 in the is server and I can’t just switch server

The workaround did not work at all, was waiting for 4 hours go to position 80 → error message → confirmed with ok → waited 15-20 min nothing happen. Now I hit on “Play” and I’m back at 3846… So that’s it for tonight’s gaming again

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Tried this a few times and didn’t work. Now while queuing for hours isn’t ideal, getting put to the back of the queue when an error occurs is so incredibly frustrating

Assuming that works, what if I’m not in front of the screen and leave that error on an hour? Am I still in the queue in the background?
Most people are not in front of their screen.

Position 3286 - Do not click on “Play” - OK
Position 2589 - Do not click on “Play” - OK
Position 1350 - Do not click on “Play” - OK

Position 13 - Do not click on “Play” - Oops! @mm_loginservices_ ExpiredTokenException message and goto position 3800


I think so as I went to bed and left it and woke up was down 2k.

Finally got to 67 and the received an error and now I am back sitting at 954… just awesome thanks for wasting my time.

Today 5 times was disconnected by difference errors after taking 1st in q, spending summary 13 hours in queue. Once login in game, playing 20 minutes with unstable ping from 150-1500, and was kicked by “Lag Detected”. Again start from 1800 q.
Awesome immersive queue-sim, best way for spend your life.

I just waited for hours till my queue got to 1 and then got the error. It didn’t put me back in my queue so I tried again and even further away that I was hours ago. I even picked the most vacant server I could find (which isn’t the one my friends are on) just to try the game. What a waste of time and money. So many hours I have wasted staring at a queue screen.

I keep getting connection error saying the server can’t spawn my character.

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