Login problem - login service isnt available

Good day !
I cant stay in queue , im stay in queue already 9h / every 2h im got error - connected faild. ! how to fix that ?image|638x347
im dont have internet problems … why im got it …

Login Server/World Server went down I would guess, was kicked as well.

Welp, was waiting for the second time of the day (1st time was 4 hours, this time was 2 hours elapsed) and teh Queue is gone!

By that I mean i get the error message and I lost my queue …

Now no server is available …

I would like to add +1.
I’ve been in a 4k queue from 20:30 to 23:00 and got a login error message. Back to 3k when I only needed to wait for 50 more people.
Stop adding servers and please fix those queue errors. I don’t mind to wait all day, but pisses me off if i lose the progress.

same problem , nothing changing … again same problem. agian this error. How to fix it ?

TO many requests to the login server - here go back to the end of the line. As we do not value you as a customer.

Thats what I feel here.

Can i get any answer here ? i cant play the game or stay in queue …
How to fix this error ???

Im already check my cable , reboot router , change 3 computers .
im just try to use VPNs … nothing.
Nothing helps …
I give up. nobody wants, nobody can help. It’s just a terrible game experience. I played all the CBT and OBT, nothing like that happened.

as I understand it, and here I will not get any answer.
Thank you for this attitude.

and again error. Nothing changing.

Im already try update DNS it dont helped too… mb anybody know answer how to fix that ?

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