Login queue that you have to stare at? WTF?

I was in my login queue and after 30 minutes waiting I decided to watch 1 episode of a series while waiting to get logged in.
31 minutes later I go back to New World and I am logged out due to inactivity?

I have to stare at the screen while waiting to get logged in or i get insta kicked?

If you have queues that are 1 fucking hour to get in to the game at least let people be afk for a few minutes so we dont have to stare at the counter ticking down.

Now I am in a new queue…this game today so far has been 2 hours in queue. REAL FUN GAME!

you have the largest infrastructure of any gamedevelopers in the world and you can’t even make a game with short queue?

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Yeah, it’s pretty insane right now, you can’t do anything but stare at the queue if you hope to get in-game.

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