Login times out then had connection error

Two days in a row, when I launch the game, it times out - I get the windows error - “App is not responding” and close it.

I verify game files on Steam - that works.

Launch the game and all seems well. Then I get to the character screen and I have no character. The server / character selection window spins a while then throws a connection error. It says: “Login service isn’t available at the moment”.

Also, whenever I try to “Close” the game, the “exit to desktop” does not work.

I am on win 7, 32 g ram, .5 T open hard drive space, Core-I7 3.2 processor, Nvidia 2070 Graphics card.

I have FIOS 500 internet.


UPDATE: Both days after shutting down the game, verifying files, attempting relaunch several times, I was able to enter the game. This is still an issue, but at least after working at it for 30-45 minutes, I am able to enter the game.

Please continue to troubleshoot / fix this issue.


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