Login unavailable: World Under Maintenance (Abaton)

Everyone is playing on Abaton except from me:

This is second time I have the same issue today.
Since the game release I had no problems at all.
Any idea?


Same issue, got kicked for lag detected back to title screen now getting this message :confused:

Same thing.

Another Server victim

Exactly same.

Welcome to the club, Pointland is disabled atm 12hours. I have some good netflix tv shows, :slight_smile:

It looks like Abaton is under maintenance. No message at all and half of the server is playing!
After 2 years of playing this game (since alfa) it makes me sick now.

same here , i was able to lig in like around 1oclick ish and 2hr later just cant , and the worst of that its fukin amazon silence… like we dont deserve for some kind of info what its going on , amazon who the fuk ya think ya are… disrespectful attitude

walcome to the club same on me

pray to not rollback things when it back



yea do you see any deatils about it on forums ? mean form devs or smthg as i see nothing

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