Long live legacy

No. Absolutely not. FSS players made their bed, they can lie in it. Pay the $15 or stay on the FRESH, CLEAN and PURE FSS without popluation.

See this here is just being spiteful for the sake of being spiteful. I am a legacy player from maramma and didn’t really want to go to rts fss death however…

  1. my company pretty much all up and left to go there which means most of my in game friends had left.
  2. maramma while it has lots of good folks to run with has lots of toxic folks too and global is pretty much a cesspool
  3. Half way though the rta event, a bit more even I decided to go see my mates on Death and found the community much better and far less toxic.

While that changed maybe just a little when it opened to the public it was still lots better than maramma. While I was a little bitter in leaving maramma and all my progress there I had to admit if just to myself things were better on death and this decision by ags is a bad call period.

I mean I could hold on to that bitterness and do like you are doing and say meh fudge the FSS people they are getting what they deserves and just say let death merge to maramma so I end up with 2 characters on maramma with x2 storage, 2x coin cap, 2 the possibility of making gold via wars etc but then what would that really say about myself beyond anything else.

Think about that.

Most people do think that taking personal responsibility for themselves is spiteful.

Legacy people be like :neutral_face:

Fresh Start people be like :neutral_face:


Taking responsibility for your action isn’t spiteful that is true however wishing ill to others for some lofty judgemental idea that they deserves to be on dead servers is.

Lets not obfuscate things here, you are not taking personal responsibility here and instead doing something else and trying to play god so to speak.

Lets take personal responsibility a step further shall we and lets agree AGS need to do so as well and not back pedal on facts and statements made before the rta event even started.

Wishing ill? No one playing this game is being harmed physically or mentally by paying $15 to transfer to another server. People make bad choices everyday, its not AGS’ responsibility to bail them out of those now is it?

Just like you, I am stating my opinion of the situation. You are conflating it with wishing people harm and calling names. Argumentum ad hominem.

I agree. AGS said FSS will not be merged with legacy. They should stick to that. But RTA is a special case of the FSS now isnt it? Different set of rules for who could play on them and the goals for the servers also. i have no heartburn with them merging RTA to legacy.

You are indeed wishing them ill by not wanting to let them merge eventually with non FSS servers and further more you are wishing them ill financially by wanting them to pay for something that isn’t their fault.

They are not responsible for AGS trying to go back on their word and merging say death to maramma so yes ags should indeed hand them out a free token in compensation if it comes to that.

Yeah no I don’t think so, your words paint another picture. I also not once called you “names”.

If you can’t see how that is a petty, vengeful sentiment that’s on you not me.

What? The double negatives make this unreadable.

They dont have to pay a dime if they dont want to. It is their choice and personal responsibility to take of their financial health. But that means staying on a server that has no population. Its and uncomfortable situation for them. But its not AGS’s responsibility to fix it.

Compensation for what? Believing the hype? Being able to create a character on any server they wish and the one they picked died? None of these are commensurable situations.

Oh really?

Those are not name calling, they’re adjectives describing your words. Own it or quite your not so subtle trolling.

You own it. Or stop attacking me.

What bed is that?

They wanted FSS and they got FSS servers. Why would they complain about that? Because they didnt live up to unwarranted expectations maybe?

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You’re referring to the RTA servers players who are on extremely low pop servers?

So merge them into a FSS.

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I had not seen that before. Thanks for sharing that and enlightening me. Do you have a link to that?

AGS does really need to work on their messaging and need to be more clear.

Too true.

You can admit to me and everyone else now in both this thread and the other one that you were wrong now like you said you would. Thanks!

I was indeed wrong.

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