Long Term longevity

I noticed there are many things that will hurt the game in the long run and one of those is refining. The fact you need low level materials like iron, linen, timber, coarse leather and silver to make high level material’s to make higher level gear is bad. It is bad for both the player base and the economy in the long term. Starmetal and orichalcum shouldn’t need iron to make. They should be their own materials. This would make there value go up as well as make them more enjoyable to farm. The same with leather and wood. You shouldn’t need timber to make wyrdwood planks and iron planks. Those should also be their own thing. Gold and Platinum shouldn’t need silver to make. It makes no sense at all. The only reason I can think to why you need low level materials for high level materials is to waist materials and make high level materials pretty much worthless. The reagents need about a 20% nerf because I can barley even give them away now that they drop so much from crates. So that is one thing that got over corrected.
I rarely want to fish anymore because now with what happened with fishing bots if I fish for 15 minutes at a time, the game thinks I am afk and kicks me. That happened to me twice now. Trying to make fishing less bot friendly got over corrected and now effects players who want to just sit their and level fishing for a while. Another thing that would be really nice is venders. I really don’t care if they don’t sell anything but a lot of times I get vender trash that my only option is to either brake down and get almost nothing for it, mostly because I get more repair parts and I am always maxed and that is after constantly repairing and you get pretty much nothing for breaking something you can’t use or won’t sell, or throw it on the ground and get nothing for it. 99% of the quest in the game are do the same 3 activities. Not many quest have a interesting enough story to them that make me want to care for them. The 3 locked areas make me not want to even quest there because there is no standing to gain from it.
To fix the refining would be easy. You just make it so you don’t need iron past steel. Make is so starmetal and orichalcum are their own metals, that way they sell better, players wouldn’t constantly need to go back to starting zones to farm and their value goes up. Same with wyrdwood and iron wood. Make them their own materials as well, along with layered leather and runic leather. As well as the cloth materials. Silk and infused silk should also be their own materials. It would make farming for these materials so much better and make crafting 100% better. That way you don’t waste materials making them and you can level professions faster and better. At the moment it feels like a horrible grind trying to level everything.
Cooking is probably the one profession I actually enjoy doing in the game. Everything else feels like a grind fest to end all grind fest. Actually if you had learned from classic WoW you wouldn’t have made this mistake. Instead it feels like whoever designed crafting really loved Albian Online and decided that, the crafting in that game was the way to go. I hated it so much. I honestly feel like if these things got fixed it would help the game in the long run and make people actually enjoy crafting instead of feeling like they have to do it. Stonecutting has the same issue and so does Arcana with motes.
Now aside from crafting another issue is that you guys pretty much over corrected with servers. You made to many servers. When launch happened, yeah it was bad. To many people trying to get into the same server, when they could of chosen a lower populated server. Then the que times where bad, but you over corrected and made to many servers. Now I think you should open up servers for more character creation. Most of the time when I am out and about I only see people in the low level areas. Either farming or buying and selling. Rarely even do I see people in the higher level zones. It feels pretty empty in these places. You would think that people would be in the higher level zones more, but unless you need materials from those zones or doing quest there you would be wrong. This game is pretty much the opposite of wow in that way. That is a bad thing, especially when most people are in their 40’s to 60 now and still grinding day one materials to get their professions to max level. I just reached 60 last night and I can tell you, unless you are at 190 in crafting you still need low level materials to craft high level gear. Or a tier one station to level crafting, because even though it seems like you are getting more crafting xp for making higher level gear, you really arn’t. You are just wasting materials.
I really want this game to last a really long time, but at the moment it feels like it is a game to see if Amazon could make a game. It really doesn’t feel like it was made by people who love games or MMORPG’s. Their is not much in the way of rpg in this game and the pvp needs a rework. You should be able to flag in the world not just at a settlement. I can understand not being able to unflag in the world, because that would make pvp a nightmare. Also apparently people are abusing the repart feature.
GM’s would make things way better as a person is usually able to fix a problem better then a bot can. The game almost feels like it is starting to die and the game barly came out. I want to level my crafting but it is a huge grind and it is horrible. I want to do more pvp related stuff, but we have mega company’s in server that have offshoots so in reality they have like 400+ members. In my server their name is Templar Reborn or some other name similar. The worst part about them is they don’t let anyone but them join in, invasions or wars, so their is no point trying to sign up for their wars. Also they are really greedy and most of the time let various crafting stations downgrade when they have the funds to pay the weekly taxes. Most people are starting to suspect they are gold farmers because of this.
There are also bugs that are still in the game from day one that have not been fixed though we have had updates saying they have been fixed. It is one thing to fix a bug and have new ones pop up, it is another to fix a bug and the bug still be there. I still get the Abandoning Event message even if I finished the event. It doesn’t need to be there at all. I also got teleported to Winsward while gathering hemp the day after the teleporting bug was said to be fixed. My point is, if you are going to fix a bug actually fix it and don’t overcorrect.
Honestly if all these issues got fixed it would help New World in the long run. I really hope you do that way the game has a longer lifespan. As it sits now, people are starting to leave because of all these issues. Why fight someone when you can mass report them and because the report is run by bots and not GM’s what is the point of pvp? When the quest is so lack luster why do pve? When you have no reason other then quest to go into the high level zones, why bother? These are questions that are being asked. Some quest are ok, but Amazon, you own audible and are basically are auction house. These are issues that shouldn’t have been issues. The quest could have been so much better. The main quest is even just ok. The quest in Warframe are more existing. And that game barley has any. Anyways if I had to rate the mission board it would be 3 out of 10. The faction quest are stale and repetitive especially the pvp ones, so I would give them a 2 out of 10. Refining I would give a 1.5 out of 10. The main story I would give a 5 out of 10, just because it is the most interesting quest in the game and if you pay attention which 99% of people haven’t it is not the worst thing, but could of been better. Dungeons I would give a 6 out of 10, but the higher level ones actually are worth doing, but only up to 5 times because of diminishing return’s on gear. The fact that you stop getting good gear after 5 runs makes them not worth doing after a while. This is a big problem that needs to be fixed because you can run a dungeon 5 times and not get a single piece of gear you are using. Also people need to be able to be aloud to trade in dungeons. Like why is it a thing that you can’t? If someone get’s a piece of gear you can’t use but they can, then trading in the dungeon would fix that. Unless you are either running someone or trying to get crafting materials for gear to make gear for someone who is low level in your company then their is no point to keep running low level dungeons. The side quest are pretty much all the same so I would give them a 4 out of 10, 4 because some are actually not to bad. You can tell a few towns are just copy paste so I hope in later patches when new towns come out that stops happening. I love Great Cleave and that entire zone, but because I can’t get standing I feel myself not wanting to be their.
Anyways, I hope Amazon actually listens to people when they have concerns and helps. I wanted to bring these things up because I want the game to have a long life span not be over in the next 6 months when if things don’t change is more then likly what will happen. I have played MMO’s from Rune Scape back when you could have a premium membership for 50 cents a month to WoW up until I kept getting burned by Activision/Blizzard and Activision took over ruining Blizzard. I played the first Guild Wars and the best thing about that was the multiclassing, which I really love the fact that you have so many options for classes in New World, though I am really looking forward to the new weapons, because I tell you this game needs them as soon as possible. Anyways I hope later in the future we can level weapons up to 30 so we can have 4 abilities instead of just 3. Also I hope you fix armor because there is a bug in the game right now were light and medium armor don’t give you the bonuses you are supposed to get, so making heavy armor the only viable option right now. The dexterity tree is pretty much made for light armor as well which makes this bug even worse.

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