Look at this Exploiter bragging about exploiting

well it is maybe some kind of cheating but you cant trust the user especially in online games. Therefore games have to be designed that way that you cant exploit the mechanics.

So i would say yes there is a different meaning in gaming, you cant transmit this to real life

It’s not just this person, It’s because of the big picture that I’m bothered…

This is the most common white knight for cheaters response you always see folks lol


I solo it, easily as well. Im not white knighting anything. If it offends you that I can, so what?

Ill just laugh.

It is affecting the whole economy because he is able to farm this boss at a much faster rate then intended, so yes its affecting the whole playerbase.

I understand your frustration, wasn’t trying to troll you but I think from what we’ve seen so far it’s a completely futile effort showing these hacks, exploits and whatnot because clearly AGS are not going to ban anyone. If they wanted to they could have done it a long time ago. I’m sure it’s pretty easy tracking these transactions down and it would take a few hours work for one of their database engineers.

The problem for them is they’d have to ban half the population, which is already dwindling with each day, so the worst that can happen is they could remove money from these players’ accounts. That’s obviously pointless because those people already screwed the economy on their servers and they’ve already made money in real life for selling gold to some sad no-lifers.

I don’t know how others feel but for me this game is a stop gap between other games as I’ve lost any hope that things will get fixed and be back to normal in NW. Far too much time has passed for any meaningful punishments to be handed out and frankly far too many people have already stopped playing.

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All good man! I didn’t think you were trolling!

Someone has to play devils advocate :slight_smile:

Even if our efforts are futile, at least we can say we made an effort.


If you are able to solo these bosses without exploiting im fine with it. But we are talking about the Video that OP posted and the player is clearly using mechanics that are not intended to be used that way (hatchet animation cancelling and also he is able to sidestep while attacking with this exploit)

I for one would love all those c**ts to get permabanned. I never cheat in games as it’s not fun for me and it’s not fair to others so it’s doubly frustrating seeing how literally no-one gets punished (apart from people getting mass reported). Unfortunately, that’s how modern companies work. There are hackers in all games and no-one ever gets banned. We had the same in The Division dark zones and do you think anyone got their account suspended? Exactly…

the thing is, threads like this toss blanket decisions over all of us. If people read this, then see others soloing, we are automatically Exploiters or hackers or cheaters or all of the above.

People make knee jerk decisions all because they see one video on the forums.

Next thing you know I end up with people all google eyed around me accusing me of all kinds of bs

how I feel and how a lot of other players feel…

already said, im fine with it when players can solo this but using exploits of any kind is what im not fine with. This isnt the worst exploit in the game, i agree. Much more worse is the gold and item duping.

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This is no where near true tho… If you post a video of you honestly solo’ing Myrkgard, All you are going to get from me is praise and congratulations… If you are accused of it in game then well, that player is just throwing random accusations that mean nothing…

The video in this thread is of obvious blatant exploiting to the point of admitting it…

Also, I appreciate the conversation gents. It’s nice to be able to hold a constructive conversation even if we don’t all agree with each other.

The only way we can get meaningful changes to the game we all enjoy is if we remain civil in our attempts :slight_smile:


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Don’t exploit and you won’t get called out for it. If you aren’t abusing exploits there’s nothing to worry about. The only reason you’d have to be mad about it is that you are abusing exploits.

They aren’t even apparently banning exploiters. Is there some personal chord this thread touched to make you so persnickety? I figured as a stoner you might not be so thoroughly divorced from the concept of chill.

I take it personally because its happening ingame. I get stoned, I play and I enjoy myself, but Ive had numerous people trolling because they said they saw it on the forums.

I gather entire towns up, AOE them down, but apparently its exploting…

I farm mats by training wolves/boars/gators then aoe them down, but im exploiting because they said so on the forums,

I solo stuff just to pass time but im exploiting because they saw it on the forums.

People dont pay attention to detail, they just blindly run around playing forum police ingame.

People accuse people all the time of all sorts of things. When you respond like it’s a direct attack, you kind of look suspiciously like you’re trying to derail attention lest they find something. The winning move is to just shrug and move on. If AGS bans you, you submit an appeal.

Taking these random ad hominem attacks against people on the forums to leave a cookie crumb trail of misgivings to look into when someone does have to pull your record makes it look like you’re hiding something, not standing against an injustice.

Besides, many exploits are well documented. The appropriate method is asking what validates this as cheating, not jumping at shadows and yelling at people trying desparately to protect the integrity of AGS’ abysmal failure to launch a decent game.

All good points…

These people are aware of the bug. They are going to camps with tons of enemy and stacking it then carrying it into outpost rush. If you play NORMALLY and weapon swap like everyone else using 2 weapons does, you won’t be bugged. You do this on purpose.

He’s killing it much faster than 2 or 3 groups of ppl would?

maybe not, but whatever, he is exploiting and he is getting the loot that maybe is intended only for group play but since the loot and gearing in this game is just a design failure, i stopped caring.

Why even have watermarksystem when you can just buy 600 GS Items at the AH, why bother raising your own watermark ?

Destiny has a similar watermark system but there isnt an Auctionhouse and no trading with other people

I dont know because this whole game doesnt make sense and since nobody from AGS is caring anymore and this whole exploiting is going on now for weeks, its probably the best to just uninstall and walk away or join the exploiters.