[Look here if you wanna fix your game] No real PVE mid/endgame and no ranked/equalized PvP is rendering the game hopeless as it is

PvP in an mmorpg is a losing battle. As proven to all of us time and time again, none of the PvP changes or additions managed to or will save NW from the fate of most other mmos that started out big then became massively niche super tiny-community based games.

Especially when you force pvpers to grind “PVE” time wasting/gating super repetitive activities instead of giving them a ranking system and equalizing gear and letting them practice and grind skill levels by having fun in PvP like all other pure PvP games and rewarding them with cosmetics.

PVE is where the focus should be on at this point especially after the massive exodus of even the PvP crowd despite giving them “so much” ( yet imperfectly so).

I have taken some of the feedback from other PVE focused posts, and slightly reworded them for the devs consideration. Also added PvP related feedback.

  1. Introduce PVE only end-game combat system variations For example this system.
  2. Add 50 man+ world raid bosses that randomly spawn daily/rotated weekly
  3. Introduce mounts with added functionality
  4. Add more low to mid level expeditions
  5. Turn invasion mode into flexible raid size/difficulty settings, raid leader triggered on demand instanced 50 man raids with different weekly maps/ bosses and mutations
  6. Massively expand on Varangian Knights story and presence all over the map and include unique loot drops from them as well as named bosses
  7. Remove orbs as expedition/arena entry req and turn them into buffs instead
  8. Turn PVE arenas into a solo challenge
  9. Add PVE leaderboards for PVE arenas
  10. Turn the PvP open world fort system into a queueable PvP game mode that requires multiple win conditions before a fort is considered captured for 48 hours, for example the first faction that wins 10 games gets to capture a fort for 48 hours.
  11. Add an end game PVE rewards track for a variety of activities
  12. Add more terrain and town variety in low to mid game zones
  13. Make most open world corrupted portals soloable (but challenging)
  14. Introduce large scale multi-wave actual town invasions replacing the current invasion mode
  15. Introduce paid transmog tokens but also farmable in game at a low drop chance to convert an already collected gear set into a cosmetic set.
  16. Make attribute respeccing free
  17. Introduce perk/attribute gear stats rerolling using Azoth. For example, if a piece of gear drops and you really like it but not the perks or attributes, you can change it from whatever it has, for example 20 con/8 dex, to 28 dex…etc and change perks for an even higher azoth cost.
  18. Sell Azoth for real money to support the game as a pay for convenience shortcut.
  19. Sell character customization tokens via the shop to change face features, name…etc.
  20. Sell mount skins via the shop once the mount system is released
  21. Sell unique dyes on the store that only work on store bought cosmetics
  22. Expand on the talents system, ex: adding a third tree per weapon that is unlockable via a series of end game activities after reaching level 60.
  23. More PvP arena maps and an OPR map with a capture the flag as the main objective/win condition.
  24. Gear/attributes/weapon spec loadout saving
  25. Introduce Fishing related events (tournament)
  26. Scale 3v3 arenas / opr so they are not gear dependent (equalize gear at the bracket level and make opr available from level 10)
  27. Add an actual skill test/proving PvP ladder that isn’t a grind but meant to be the ultimate objective to PvP activities without tying it to gear with cosmetics as rewards. (Overwatch style).
  1. yes
  2. eh indifferent
  3. yes
  4. yes
  5. YES
  6. yes
  7. yes or make it an option
  8. i dunno if the utility of that vs the amount of time needed to program it is worth it.
  9. eh id rather gut the whole thing and redo it all its not really working. and worst excludes people if there are too many people in the area which is dumb. not to mention how boring the quests are anyway.
  10. nah. this is the only case in which the rewards actually come out of doing the activities. you get timeless shards legos and shards from dungeons already. as well as various caches and more gypsums from arenas. shards and elite chests drops in elite runs. etc etc etc.
  11. yes
  12. sure.
  13. yes absolutely. would like it to be actively effected by whats going on in the open world like closing portals or too much salt from people fighting each other.
  14. some form of that yeah.
  15. or azoth.
  16. rather have lego smashers. smash multiple pieces together to have a chance of changing an aspect or two (using azoth to target) as a way of using all this dumpster gear.
  17. maybe but azoth is seriously not that big of a deal.
  18. yeah
  19. eh
  20. or just let us dye our skins purchased or otherwise.
  21. id tweek that one a bit. add a 3rd tree for a support class item you get by doing some bad ass mid or end game stuff. aka crazy stuff like a rosery bead with a pip that converts your current weapon to scale with focus (at least at a slightly reduced rate), and has 1 or 3 total additional abilities like a smite or self heal that can be put in any of your normal 6 slots. or more wild crap like that. exponential gear combination and can be used to bridge multiple attributes that dont normally mesh.
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Very nice feedback, thanks bro.

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Keep the game as it is and let AGS do whatever they want, that’s the right thing to do imo. Their game, their rules.

Please ignore our wishlists lol.


Do all that but don’t forget about the pvp crowd too. that’s all i have to say about this.


Agree. Imo PvP needs at least one game mode that is equalized/scaled. I think arenas make the most sense for that.

It was a PvE game for 8 months and we see how far we came with that.
Now that the game is about to die they started adding real PvP content like arenas but it seems to be to late since players were forced to grind PvE.
Since release this game was for sure more a PvE game than PvP.

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You call that PVE? It was an unfinished survival game. That’s what it was. Zero PVE.

There was 0 survival when it was released…i guess you are talking about the game years ago before preview and so on.
It was a pure PvE grinder since release last year.

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Thing is the Pve endgame is missing alot compared to other popular mmorpgs.
100% sure most players left because the lack of solo end game content.
They have created really nice low lvl zones that just lack end game items.
All they need to do is remove the 590 gs limit to upgrade gear, add item to increase gear lvl , add items to increase rarity, add item to reroll stats, add items to reroll perks. and have those items drop all over the map.(elites and higher lvl have a higher chance.)
A few relatively simple changes to add a whole new layer of end game for solo and group.

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Despite the good feedback, nothing will change until they start balancing gear specifically for each modes. PVP crew asks for less heals, PVE suffers from it, PVP states bow is too OP, PVE suffers from it. Nothing wrong PVP asking what they asking, the problem is they change weapon stats on both game modes the same way which greatly damage PVE performance.
So if OP gets the boss rotation, the gear you use this week, will be useless next week.

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i hope if they can see this one !

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You can beg @Zelme to see it.

It seems like you want to separate pve and pvp, right? Well I think this is a terrible idea because of the vision of the game, the benefits of pvp, and the top ten games with the highest concurrent players. Also mounts won’t happen the game isn’t built for it, they can’t accommodate for it.

First the current vision of the game is to bring pve and pvp together. Though I think AGS has missed the nail repeatedly on this, but to reverse this vision so late in the game would further confuse things. In actuality New World had more popularity when they were a full loot pvp sandbox MMO with a building system similar to ark. Then the Average Andys showed up asking to add questing, dungeons, the removal of forced PvP, and on launch the majority of players who showed up saw a game that was having an identity crisis. Despite the changes the game was still good. New world started to die when they announced the gypsum/Expertise system. Around that time we still had 50k players, then the game really started dying. It should be obvious that the real problem is the the majority of players did not want to do a mindless grind as pve content.

Second pvp benefits any MMORPG. There is no MMO without PvP that is successful. In the case of New World players can complain but changes to weapons are not done because players asked for it, they are done based off telemetry data. So if your weapon got nerfed it was done because data suggest that it was over performing. PvP exposes these kinds of things because most PvP interactions push the performance of the items.

Lastly if you look at steam top ten games for concurrent players they all are either full PvP or has a competitive PvP element. MMO’s have never been able to interstate pve and PvP into a single world which New World tried to do, but then reversed course. To say that a game can not achieve a world with forced PvP is a fallacy because black desert did it best. New World gave up on their PvP ambitions because Average Andys wanted a recreation of the MMO they literally just left. I think New World should revisit this and implement forced PvP with a bounty system. There has been quite a bit of suggestions to this and games that have achieved it.

New World since beta had leaned into pve a lot more than PvP to the point of near killing off their PvP community. It is evident that interest in PvP content is there and players will comeback for new PvP content. The biggest reason why Arenas weren’t as successful was because the reward track could be fulfilled by running PvP mission in Greatcleave. Which is an example of a good idea that had a flaw that overshadowed it. At this point I am not confident enough that AGS can see the things that are breaking the game. Why isn’t PvP missions balanced to where the player base isn’t just running circle in great cleave? Why couldn’t they have made a bounty system to balance PKing in open world? Why is the expertise system still choking new players from sticking around?

I would add why can’t AGS satisfy the pve players with endgame, but I have never seen pve only endgame content that was cost friendly and replayable for more than a month. I think players need to be realistic and AGS needs a clear vision. We got neither one at the moment.

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Hi @smithernest54,

Thanks for the response!

I am not trying to take PVE/PVP in a direction where the two become far apart from each other. I am just trying to emphasize what you have mentioned regarding the top games on Steam being pure PvP games. The keyword here is “PURE”. NW being an MMORPG creates many challenges and issues some of which can be easily tackled. I am just saying why not focus on the easy wins like scaling/equalizing 3v3 arenas to create that same “pure” PvP environment at least in one out of several PvP modes the game has.

At the same time, I think PVE could have something unique to the PVE combat at endgame just like PvP having say something like scaled/equalized “pure” PvP mode that is available from level 10 so PvPers who are into simply logging in and having fun could do that, while at the same time giving the PVE hardcore fans something unique to them at end game.

Oh that makes sense!

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Turn the PvP open world fort system into a queueable PvP game mode that requires multiple win conditions before a fort is considered captured for 48 hours, for example the first faction that wins 10 fort games gets to capture a fort for 48 hours.

3v3 arena scaling and opr / gear equalizing (or kill your game fully since PVE is dead and PvP is quickly dying / almost dead)

I agree on somethings. Imo a mmo need a strong pve part, because thats what keep the majority of the players to play. While I am a balanced player, playing both side still I feel like if the game would have a stronger pve side and more pve updates it would get back more players.
Atleast for me I played a lot more while I still needed items from dungeons or open world, now since the last few patches almost entirely were pvp patch I play a lot less, opr or arena’s replayability is much lower and less rewarding than a dungeon, yeah balances and salt is cool, for a few hour before you realise the pvp is still toxic as hell in this game and barely enjoyable after 1-2 game.
If I could choose what would the game need is, I would add new dungeons, a raid, and some solo challenge content. Anything that would give the player an end goal to work towards, and not just blind grinding or unrewarding pvp.

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Thx. Nice feedback for once :slight_smile: