[Look here if you wanna fix your game] No real PVE mid/endgame and no ranked/equalized PvP is rendering the game hopeless as it is

The only counter needed for such a comment.

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You cannot help that which refuse to be help. All you can do if have a chat about it. As it kills itself. Just point, laugh, and shake your head in disappointment. That’s all you can do here.

Gw2? A MMO that is nowhere as big as the MMOs where PvE is the main focus? Try again.

The game started with more PvE than PvP what are you even talking about. About start i mean from release date. There was 90 % PvE and the only PvP we had was Wars thats it.

You said PvP in MMOs are dead. So I linked a screenshot of my Tier 3 WvW matchup having queues on all maps. That’s right Tier 3 now imagine Tier 2 and Tier 1 matchups look like.

Then you have GW2’s Ranked arenas where there is a massive interest. PvP in MMOs are not dead. PvP in Vertical progression PvE gear to PvP is dead. It’s all about horizontal progression. There is a huge demand for a good horizontal progression Action Combat MMO PvP.


Excited to try out the music instruments feature on the PTR tomorrow. Looking forward to more awesome changes and additions.

Can we get more Varangian knights named bosses plz and maybe a raid?

Currently the world feels empty, not dangerous, repetitive and only massive in size without large scale boss fights and PvP in the open world…