Look this is getting ridiculous

I literally can’t go into any town without people memeing “FREE CHONGAL”.

It’s like that scene from Christmas with the Kranks where the kids are screaming free frosty outside the house.

You need to first understand the war on ranged players. More so the musket players.

Then you will understand

The simplest solution is to mute/block those spammers. Or you can report them for spamming chat channels.

If you choose to only complain without actions, you are not contributing much.

Its like griping about flies in the summer, yet fail to even attempt to swat any.

AGS has said repeatedly that mass reports don’t result in an automatic ban, yet there seems to be a significant amount of evidence that mass reports do result in bans.

Maybe if the admins look closely enough at any player in PvP, they could find something that was ban-worthy, so simply having admin attention is enough?

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Were you going to share a video or screenshot? I’d like to see, hah.

Tbh i think it is more so about poor judgement calls with staff than autobans.

We had a dude harassing a female company member not long ago. I wouldn’t call it a mass report, but I’d say about 6-7 of us reporting him got him a timeout. On the flip side took a few days to get a trading post bot banned, even with several folks reporting it.

But my post was more tongue in cheek about the guy.

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There was hard evidence to support the quick ban of the guy harassing a female company (chat). With bots, it is all about actions and you have to think a lot more about that.

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The problem is that to my knowledge it still goes through their outsource who really don’t give a shit what happens to NW, especially when it’s so low-impact compared to the other games they (evidently) handle, including Lost Ark.

They need to get rid of this and have inhouse customer support.

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