Looking for advice regarding a potential server transfer

Hello guys,

I am posting here because I would like to ask for advice.

My region is EU Central, the server I play on is Vega and my faction is the Covenant. Recently, however, I’ve been thinking of transferring to another server.

When I joined Vega, the server was in a healthy state. Each faction had at least one strong guild/company, and it was really exciting watching the war for territories unfold. However, some events happened which had a massive impact on the state of things.

The two strongest guilds in the Covenant and the Syndicate made an alliance or at least a truce, and turned on the Marauders. At the same time, the only strong Marauder guild left the server or disbanded, maybe as a result of the aforementioned truce, and green territories fell one by one, easy pickings for the alliance.

Today, the entire map of Aeternum is owned by these two guilds. There is an occasional Marauder uprising here and there, but the cold, hard truth is they don’t stand a chance. These two guilds combined have circa 800 players, according to my estimations, and even though there are players in the Covenant like myself who disagree strongly with the current situation, there isn’t much we can do.

So, I am thinking of looking for a new server once the server transfers are functional again. The server would obviously have to be located in the EU Central region, and the predominant language would be English. I wouldn’t mind joining a server where the Covenant was an underdog, as long as we were organized and had a fighting chance. Last but not least, I would very much like to avoid queue times, so overcrowded servers are a no-go for me. Do you guys have any suggestions?

TLDR: A Covenant player looking to transfer to an EU English-speaking server with no queues.

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