Looking for Clarification on Luck

I am wondering if its possible to get some developer/someone involved in AGS to explain a bit of the luck mechanic. I understand its complicated and that’s probably why its not explained in game, but I’m super curious to find out how this works. Below is my understanding on it

  • Item drop are similar to dice
  • An item has a max roll that you cannot roll passed, for example 100,000
  • An item has a threshold that you must roll equal to or greater than to get the item, for example 101,800
  • Food gives a static number luck bonus, which raises your minimum and maximum rolls, for example 2000: raises min roll to 2,000 and max roll to 102,000
  • Trophies apply a static buff like food does (500 minor/1,000 basic/1,500 major)
  • Trophies stack up to three times per skill
  • Gathering skill grants 10 luck per level, up to 2,000 at level 200
  • Combining all above bonuses gives us our bonus roll (ROL?), for example 5000
  • Gear Luck: This is where I’m most interested in clarification
  • Gear Luck: My guess is that this provides a multiplier to our bonus roll
  • Gear Luck: All five armor pieces stack, in addition to the amulet and gathering tool
  • Gear Luck: For example, 5000 base luck, with 10% luck grants a total bonus roll of 5500
  • Droprate: Your bonus roll is then added to your roll, and the threshold is then checked to see if you got an item
  • Droprate Example: (100,000 + 5,000 - 101,800) / 100,000 = 3.2% droprate

Sorry that was a bit of a wall of text, but I am super curious if I have a complete understanding of luck. If not I would really love to know what parts I don’t understand. This is mostly aimed at devs/people at AGS, but if others have ideas with sources I would also love to see those.

As for where I got this from, the food luck is obviously in game, the gathering luck bonuses and trophy luck bonuses where from this very convincing youtube video, and there might be a repo floating around somewhere with some information. Lastly like I said the percentage luck is mostly what I want clarification on, as that’s just my guess. Some people think 1% grants 1000 points of luck (or 1% of the item’s max roll), which there is simply no way that works within the model I’ve described. If this were true, you would be able to jack up your droprate for almost anything to almost 50% by combining food and gear luck (25% reinforced, 9.5% adored, 9.3% tool luck, plus food/trophy/skill luck, so either that is wrong or my model is way off).

Thanks to anyone who read all of this!

Good “luck” getting a straight answer from the right people about this. Much of what we know is still hearsay, and lack of details from the AGS team. See this recent Luck thread for more info: Where's the Transparency on Luck?

Thanks for the link, I hadn’t seen this one before. I do think showing additional character stats would be valuable. However I’m not at all saying I think luck is broken or something in my post, I am just curious how it works.

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