[Looking for Company], Fresh Start Server, Older Gamer US East or West, 610GS

Looking for Company on a fresh start server, Older Gamer US East or West 610GS

Older gamer been there done that with too many MMO’s to mention. Looking for a “mature”
company on a US server in either the East or West time zones. Play up to 4/5 hours weekdays many more hours on the weekend. PVE focus.


100 Proof Pirates is always looking for more. A lot of vets and dads. 21+ only. Discord required. Feel free to message me for an invite. Currently on Medea. Thanks!

The Spud Buds are recruiting for our PvX guild. We mainly PvE, but enjoy some of the PvP content. Active company and discord, and we host regular events for the company.

Currently we are getting everyone geared up for mutation groups, average GS for the group is around where you are currently.

Located on El Dorado (west)