[Looking for Company]-U.S. West Isabella/Syndicate

Server/World: Isabella
Faction: Syndicate

We are 2 mature age casual players who enjoy the PVE aspects of NW, with a smattering of PVP now and than.
Both of us are busy with RL responsibilities. We are working on maxing out gathering/refining/crafting. Between us, we can make all daily T5 mats. Both of us are in the U.S. MST time-zone. I’ve been around since Alpha and my friend has been around since Launch. Both of us are level 60 with average GS around 550.

We are looking for a Syndicate social company who is laid back and does not expect us to play every single day, and who is big on grouping for PVE content. Prefer a mature company who also has members who are mostly older and act that way.