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Hey everyone,
Currently I am level 29, and since level 26 I have been in the Brightwood and Cutlass zones, however every step of the way has been brutal. I feel like I am dying a lot more then I should be. Originally I was leveling up with a Rapier/Musket/Medium Armor combo but once I began to struggle I swapped to two handed hammer and a life staff, respecced stats to match, and that seemed to help out for a little bit but I am back to dying a lot again.

I tried doing faction quests and town quests to try and edge my level up slowly but some of these quests are crazy, tells me it’s a level 26 quest, but then forces me to go in an area with level 32 mobs or higher sometimes.

What am I doing wrong?

I really really want to make it work, I love this game and the atmosphere, and was having a blast playing up until I hit this artificial brick wall that seemed to start at level 25 for me.

My number one tip to everyone; learn your enemy and know when to dodge / kite. Don’t go full out right in their face, learn when to get out of dodge and when to block. Especially kite and dodge comes very much handy when playing against certain enemies.

Another tip is, learn which town quests are worth it and what’s not. Cutlass Keys per example, if I see Unbound Island I just skip it. It’s way out there, have a massive elite in the middle and takes more time than what is good for you. Also kills you in 2 hits if your dodge / kite is a micro second off.

If you find that you’re dying too much, I suggest life staff / hatchet with stats going mostly into focus. This is what I’m running as and I’m not dying that much. I start with life staff basic attacks, end with Beacon then switch to hatchet and berserk mode. Then it’s just wacking away as Hatchet heals and the Beacon heals.

Try gathering for a bit, you get XP from it so it’s not too bad, plus you can make some decent gold selling resources.
Faction boards in lower level zones still give good XP for turning in quests even though they’re lower level
Community boards are great XP too, go cut down trees and turn in 500 wood for 1500 XP, starmetal ingot turn ins are around 4000 XP so that’s a big one

If you’re going to run life staff you go full focus and con, and put gems in your weapon that convert its dmg to nature or any element that says it will scale off of focus.

Trying to put points in strength and focus and con will just make both weapons mediocre. If you dont want to invest so heavily in focus try hatchet as it has self healing and scales off strength.

As for combat tips, learn your weapon light attack chain animations, once you start the light attack combo you are stuck performing it and unable to dodge. Not sure about other weapons but I know rapier can cancel animations using the evade ability which is really nice if you are mid attack and see something about to swing at you.

I’ve found more success dancing around enemies using heavy attacks only then spamming light attacks. I only light attack if it is a prerequisite to a passive ability.

Also, never be afraid to run and reset a fight. Take advantage of terrain if there is a cliff or something to climb up real quick and kite them around while eating food

Keep your gear score up. I noticed that my DPS increased when I’d get fully outfitted with my faction gear and not just updating the weapon (talking a difference of about 100 damage a hit while only gaining a small amount of my main attribute). I think your gear score acts like a hidden multiplier vs what you are fighting. Your drops will also be a higher gear score as this game uses a drop system similar to Destiny.

Also, for PVE, you probably want a light armor load, and make sure you do not have a shield equipped unless you have a sword equipped.

Gear on the marketplace can be stuilpidly cheap. Have a look every now and again. I got a new hatchet waaay better than what i had at lvl 35 for 5g. The market is so flooded, take advantage and gear up.

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I did notice the game ups the challenge noticeably after level 20 - or maybe that was just me outlevelling my gear score.

Mostly what the other people said about dodging/blocking and making sure your gear is decent (doesn’t have to be amazing, a mix of green and the occasional blue item is fine). I don’t use gems.

Also ake sure you aren’t pulling too many mobs at once, that makes it easier to use block/dodge to reduce the damage you take. Also make sure you choose gear quite carefully - don’t go by the gear score, check the attributes and focus on the ones you need for your build, as that can make a lot of difference your protection and damage.

If you have an area unlocked, click on it before you go there to see the actual mob level, don’t go by the quest level, which as you’ve noticed is pretty inaccurate :smiley:

I understand a lot of people grind Amarine over and over again to get through the late 20s to early 30s, it’s supposed to be very quick. I went the questing route though, because I prefer running around the world to grinding the same dungeon over and over again.

Your own fault for going to Brightwood at level 26. Ideally, once you finish the side quests in your starting zone you should be around 25, you go to another starter zone and do side quests there / Amrine run until 29 then you go to Brightwood.

hit this artificial brick wall

Not artificial, it’s very real. There are experience bottlenecks and if you don’t plan your routes you will find yourself going to the same place 5 different times and wasting a lot of time.

Hey, I am gonna try to give you some advice from the knowledge i’ve gathered for leveling. Im already lvl 60 several days.

Most of the time i did level with two friends (heal and tank) around Brightwood cause we were all at diffrent starting Areas.

The best way to lvl up fast is still without a question townboard. It’s by far the fastest way to lvl up, but you need to do it efficiently it’s not that easy to do actually. There are several good guides in youtube. For example search for “Larsen” he was the first lvl 60 in the World and took only 3 days through Townboard Missions. He did a guide on how he did it.

The level Range of the areas you see on map are in my opinion extremly low. Like you can go with 26 to Brightwood of course but you will take double the time and struggle extrem.

If u dont want to use the Townboard all the time like most of the people do and i did aswell, you should complete every single side quest on the map including every starting area even if you didn’t start.

Most part in doing Townboards and lvling efficiently is simply knowledge of the game. You need to learn and keep in mind what items you gonna need for your townboard and what you already have in town. As a rule of thumb if you go solo, try to make a route of side quests you gonna do like in the bottom left of brightwood and try to accept and delete factions missions and townboards “explorer needed” to get them roughly in the same area. You should also come back with a full inventory. Always collect every rare material you see and if u can’t fill up your inventory go and chop wood.

Only do expeditions if you have at least 2-3 quests in it. (repeatable quests / side quests / faction quests) otherwise there are not worth running. Also never go to early in the expedition.

If you do all Quests you should mostly always be like 3-5 level higher as the area recommends for starting.

Overall i can say if you play alone lvling is gonna be rough for you with quests and you should look deeper into townboard quests (btw. you can even do all of them in everfall /windsward and monarch till lvl 60). Some quests are in my opinion way to hard for doing solo. But it should be fine till 40-50.

Most important note to take with you. If you want to level up get to know the townboard missions and where to get the stuff you need (cooking ones are somtimes difficult).

Gl mate hope i helped i bit even with my broken english.^^

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If you’re dying too much and/or doing quests too slow, then just go to lower lvl areas for questing. The jumps in xp for quests is not that high. If you can do quests 2x faster, then 30% less xp is still going to end up in a more net gain per hour.

On the other hand, you can just quest with some1 else - that will make the “solo” content much easier. For that it’s best to start on a fresh land together though, so that you have the same quests.

I wouldn’t bother too much with faction pve quests - those have much lower rewards and only worth doing if they stack together or with other quests in the same area.

upgrade equipment! shop the market for cheap (<20-50 coin) upgrades! loads of them in everfall and windsward on my server. huuuge difference for less than sometimes 200 coin everytime I do them.

As above. I found I needed to swap to heavy armour as I was more a brawler and it helped a lot.

The side quests are quite often chains as well, you may get two or three follow on’s from what begins as a pretty simple first step.

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