Looking for more details in gem descriptions

I am prospecting gems for my weapon when I realized that certain gems are missing key information in part of their description.

For example: Cut Flawed Jasper for weapons indicates that it increases your damage by 6% after being struck three times. It does not however include any sort of duration for that effect.

It would be really handy for players making a decision in this situation.


It does say after receiving 3 hits. So to me that would be once you get hit a third time, you gain +6% damage until the mob is dead.

That’s how I would read it. It’s possible it is not like that, in which case you would need to test it and observe how long the buff remains active.

It’s the same like the % of gathering increases on gear, but on food it is like + 1,000 luck rating.
So what does + ,1000 to luck rating mean in %?
Very confusing…

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