Looking for new NA West server

Looking for a new NA West server to join, but I don’t know which High pop server to join. I don’t want to join El Dorado cause of it being a streamer server, but out of Camelot and Yggdrasil, which one is favorable for an all around feel? Organization, How populated each faction is, and all around feel of the community. I do both PVP and PVE, so a mix of both would be nice.

Thank you.

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Camelot syndicate has Jon Chalant KOTT news, that is reason enough.

Yeah I just got the game think I messed up. Glad I didn’t get too far in. Does Camelot have queue a lot? Or was that just launch day stuff? I’m going in blind and came into a war apparently between players and devs

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I actually saw a queue during peak hours due to all the xfers. It was less then 100. Like 5 min wait. This was yesterday only around 9 pm. Otherwise no queues usually or at all earlier in the day. Most xfers seem happy with camelot from what I read in global chat.

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