Looking forward for PVP arena. Suggestions

First of all we know and we want the bugs fixed before any new content.

But the idea here it is help AGS don’t repeat the same mistakes.

Look to OPR for example, a lot of mistakes and wrong decisions that we need to wait to fix it, and we don’t have a timeline for it.

So, lets bring here ideias for good pvp arenas and maybe we can help AGGS understand that we play the game and we know better then anyone how the game should be.

I have couple suggestions to start:

Arena types:

1- Deathmatch
20v20 (Deathmatch Rush without outpos)

**Scoring System (RANDOM NUMBERS) ** 
Knockdown a player     100
Damage more a player  75
Finish a downed player  50
And all others points the we already have, maybe implement something for tanks like damage received. 

2- Capture the Flag
(maybe only one option here)

**Scoring System (RANDOM NUMBERS**) 
Knockdown a player     50
Damage more a player 30
Finish a downed player 20

**Objective bonus score**. 
Grab the flag 100
Kill a the flag carrier 50
Deliver the flag 150

And all others points the we already have, maybe implement something for tanks like damage received. 

3- Actual Outpost Rush Fixed
Knockdown a player 50
Damage more a player 30
Finish a downed player 20

**Objective bonus score**. 
Atack or Defend the outpost INSIDE the area the player will receive a tick per second that he ia inside there, for exemplo

Point per tick - 1 point
Complet Capturing or defend the outpost- 100

And all others points the we already have, maybe implement something for tanks like damage received. 

Bring yours suggestions the game has a huge potential and we can help it for sure.


hi willard
i have another suggestion as a concept for PvP can you check it out too :slight_smile:


Opr should have points for stealing materials.

I think 20 pts for stealing.
20 pts for destroying parts of the base.

Like the repeaters or camp can be 50.

I want pts for trading essence for bears.

Why isnt summoning giving contribution?

Why do so many things you do in game dont count as contribution?

Why isnt sharing mats part of the system?

It should be encouraged instead of i sti fear or parAnoia to get trolled or sabotaged.

Give 50 pts for people that share mats and someone uses them on base.

And anyone who successfully defends base from attackers. I believe staying in combat should reward 10pts/ every 10 seconds. Especially if you a tank.

So you can get 500 in 500 seconds of active combat. That way tanks are viable and not getting screwed heavily.

Or go the sandbox route and scrap all the separate game modes.
Add guild wars. So every guild can organize fights against other guilds or go full crazy kill on sight.
Add duel function for groups. So you can have the XvX Number fights.
More power to the players.


There is barerly any OW pvp and with arenas it;s gona be dead 4 sure.
You guys play to much wow that had no fights outside of instanced pvp.

Trust me - there are other games with better pvp systems.

That gona be shit show thx to immortals lifestaff users combined with how broken VG an IG is. also all melee: brusers and tanks gona be usless. That is half of weapons of this game.


First there are two major QOL features that need to happen. 1. Switch kill credit to give the kill to the player who knocks the opponent. 2. We need to have cross server PVP lobbies to speed up queue times and give more competition.

Points for standing on a point and ticking it, or standing on it while an enemy is on it.

Ranked PVP arena 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 with a ranked ladder that matches you up with teams of similar skill. The ladder should reset every few months and give out unique rewards showing your ranking. Needs to be designed by someone with ranked mmo PVP experience to make sure it can’t be gamed or cheated ( win trading etc).

New PVP game modes such as 10v10 capture the flag.

Ability to farm your PVP gear solely through PVP. I shouldn’t have to do 5 hours of dailies PVE to even have. a chance or stay competitive in PVP. I don’t care if this gear only works in PVP scenarios but it needs to be a path for gear.

Increase the OPR chest rewards, I have hundreds of wins and never gotten one good piece. Make it more likely to drop PVP desirable perks such as resilient, invigorated, freedom , etc and make it more likely to give you a skill perk you actually want.

Change how the influence grind works to something actually fun that people want to do. No one wants to run quests in WW over and over for 10 coins and 300 faction tokens. Make influence capturing something people actually want to partake in. This could be a massive battle or event on the server that could be really fun for everyone to partake in.

Give real incentives for taking the forts. Make it so they can’t just be recaptured immediately. Having timers on them when they could be captured could be a fun way to create large battles over them.

In WOW WOTLK they had an area called Wintergrasp. Every 24 hours there was a massive battle here between the factions to decide who controlled the area. The winners gained access to the Wintergrasp raid, which was a PVP boss only raid which dropped extremely good PVP gear. NW has so many opportunities for fun events like this in the world they really need to add them. Make sure these feature auto balance over time so they aren’t dominated by one faction.

Most of all give players things to do, wars and invasions are gate kept by the best companies and only let in the Uber sweats. Give people things to do and battles to fight in!

Why is the gypsum drop rate not 100%? Really ask yourselves why this is and is it good for the game? It is the worst experience to join a portal or world boss group and have half the group finish before the rest and leave. Why must these grinds take so long? Topaz gypsum also takes way too long. Really I have to farm worthless mobs for an hour to hopefully get a gypsum bump if I don’t miss a bag? These take WAY too long to obtain.


No, it ain’t.

Your instanced content (Wars, OPR) has a very bad track record.

Open World is empty.

Kill instanced PvP.

Copy DAoC.

Here you go, I solved your game design errors in a minute.


I truly believe we can have both open world pvp and instance pvp.


It makes it a bad concept.

The servers are emptying day by day.

Stop with this moderator fanboism and just look at the numbers and all the issues with your instanced modes.

Do you really want to segregate the player base even more by introducing more modes?

Fix your core game. Fix OPR, fix Wars, build on top of it.

This has been done over and over again by other players, AGS is not listening.

Don’t ask me to do something that has been done over and over again, please.

Only makes you look ignorant.

I’ll happily contribute to your arena thread once you fix the multitude of issues in the CURRENT instanced content.

In a different game in a different universe.

What is your server?

In my opinion we just don’t have more open world pvp because we don’t get any reward from that. The pvp missions do give nothing after you get a better gear from the vendors.

I personally stop to play open world pvp that I love to much more than bgs, arenas, opr, because I don’t get nothing from OWP.

If we have a weekly ranking with kills in OWP and rewards or maybe a pvp 600 gear that you can get only from open world pvp we should have players and more players going for OWP.

Look the expeditions, players go there infinitely to try get theirs legendary.

Imagine a OWP missions and events that you can get a legendary pvp gear?

We as pvpers we want rewards and compete comparing our performance. If we have this in OWP the big party of the problem will be solved.


Bitfrost. Once upon a time a packed server.

This is technically a repost but since devs are watching this I’ll copy pasta my article.


Battle Royale. Simple, queue up to 5 people, loot chests for gear and weapons, start at 500 and have gypsum orbs that drop occasionally that give 50 expertise bumps.

Umbral shards drop rarely, on average once a game or have designated umbral stations where you can use 2 gypsum orbs to make one shard that jumps gear to 625.

After every circle you can respec stats because by now you’ll have gear spread out between your party and know who is doing what roll. Fast paced, no aids distances to run and loot to get geared, average two small towns to gear and a third one should get you at least one 625 weapon each. Possibly two if lucky.

Once you upgrade a piece of gear to 600 it becomes a known named item. Which developers would rotate which named item it becomes.

Potions are in 5 packs with random chances of battle bread and other such items.

Circle closes in on a random fortress where you need at least 3 kills as a group to enter to incentivise fighting rather than running. Must be during circle closing in on fortress.

Once inside you are restored to full health mana and stamina and it’s a deathwatch with no running to whoever made it this far.

Mechanics would be to have 3 groups inside fortress on average.


I’m really glad to see that in 2022 AGS it is really interested to see players suggestions.
I also understand that a lot of players are frustrated and upset with the actual game situation, but I believe that AGS are moving in the right direction and because of that I don’t quit yet. This game has a lot of potential. I played ESO and WOW and New World it is only starting and have to much more potential that any other MMO.

Here is my thread about Open World PVP.
Nothing about rocket science suggestion, simples ideas thar could make a huge difference

.Open World PVP lets help AGS save it. Your suggestions are very welcome

Please take a look


People on this forum are wild animals. Lol

Game needs arenas within the next 3 months MAX or most small scale pvpers that ive talked too and seen on forums will leave and this comment kinda shows that it isnt even in the works yet so thats kinda worrying. But if it is coming soon dont leave out 1v1s and you have to find a way around lifestaff being the must have meta for ranked because atm if you dont have voidblade its takes 5 people to kill a healer if they are good and if they use rapier it takes even more.


Everyone needs to be responding to this with their ideas.

We can end up with the best arena system in MMO’s, I can feel it.


If they ever make a small scale arena they would need to limit the life staff to only 1 per team. Otherwise the game mode will be dead on arrival.

Anyway, I think they could rip off overwatch and it would work really well. It would be a 5v5 or, maybe, a 10v10 game mode, and there are 4 types of maps.

  1. King of the hill - control the point to gain points. The first team to 100 points wins.
  2. escort - one team tries to push a cart from point A to point B. The other team tries to stop them.
  3. Assault- one team tries to take point A, and the other team defends. If the attackers take point A, point B opens up. If they take point B point C opens up.
  4. hybrid - a mixture of the types of maps.

Lots of great ideas here. I really hope they will get implemented soon.

Battle Royale mode could also be AMAZING in New World.

But AGS also needs to drastically improve the netcode for all of this to actually be fun & competitive.
I’m not very good in Networking, but I think there need to be a lot of small servers (like in Counter-Strike, for example) that can host a small number of players for these “events” over & over again (Arenas, Battlegrounds, Battle Royale), and that can provide high quality netcode.



Options for different team sizes is a must.

2v2s, 3v3s, 5v5s, 10v10s, 20v20, 50v50

Options for respawns: None, 1 per person, 5 per team, or instead the option to just brawl it out for a preset time limit. But have options, some people enjoy and may only have time for a 5-10 minute fight
real quick while others might be looking for a 50v50 hour long Ironman match with most kills as the win condition. The more options, the better.

Get rid of the downed mechanic for arenas specifically so when you run out of health,
you’re out of the fight or you use one of your
teams respawns and spawn somewhere nearby
just a few seconds later to give the team that got the down a chance to snowball.

The player that lands the killing blow gets the kill,
anyone else that contributed damage OR healing to somebody without max health within X seconds gets an assist.

Points are given for kills as well as damage dealt, received, and healed. Points are given on a percentage based on how much damage was done to a player on their “last health bar”.

Last health bar works like this:

Player A+B are attacking C

A hits C for 90% of his Healthbar
C heals for 50%, bringing him back up to 60%.
B hits C for 60%, getting the kill on C and also 60% of the damage from the kill. A gets 40% of the damage worth of points as well as an assist.

Kills worth 10 points, 10% damage = 1 point,
assists are worth 2 points.

Heal points would be calculated the same but
maybe only at 1/2 the rate.

Getting Points for tanking damage would be calculated by figuring out how much damage was done to you and then calculating how much you effectively blocked by armor/MR/etc.

Say 10k health is worth 1 point, so everytime
anybody loses 10k actual health a point is
generated for that player. Being overkilled
wouldn’t add to this, but gives people an option
to soak up as much damage as possible with
as much effective healing as possible.

A competitive worldwide ladder, but might be getting ahead of the ballgame here.

While we’re at it and dreaming though,
cross-server arenas would be BiS.

Start with the basics, 100% PvP arenas.

Just to start out a simple deathmatch maybe
with a limited number of respawns per team/player.

After this is a reality, start introducing things like Capture the Flag and King of the Hill, also bomb/defuse could definitely be a niche that
some people would really like.

After we’ve got a number of pure PVP game modes working and players are happy, start exploring things like a MOBA via a mix of invasion mechanics/OPR.
(Think about it: a double (or even triple!)sided invasion, with two opposing teams both surrounded by corruption. You’ve got to simultaneously defend your fort from the invasion AND the opposing team. Theres a huge opportunity here, but we need pure PVP game modes available 100% first)

Let players earn a similar time invested/reward ratio of Umbral Shards to dungeon mutations, with more going to the winner of a match.

Have a single “arena server” per world cluster/region to start out with that keeps a current copy of each character from the world set, and after matchmaking finds your opponents from somewhere in the cluster you’re all sent to this completely instanced server for the arena, hopefully this would help alleviate some of the desync/rubber banding. (If this is at all viable maybe it could be an option to explore to help fix the same issues in war as well?)

Let there be different arena queues for pre-made groups and joining solo, too. 10 random people vs the top 10 EF/WW owners probably won’t be much fun for either side. If the MMR is done correctly this won’t even be an issue.

I know this is a lot, but I hope you read it and at least discuss it and explore the options.

This game has so much potential and we all want to help realize that potential.