Looks like a lot of healers plan on quitting

They aren’t crying they just are informing everyone that you will have a lot less healers, so don’t be rude in the comments.

But you can’t keep yourself or your 2 teammates up in arena so you obviously can’t keep you and your 4 teammates up in a war now.

A lot of us play for war and opr but now healers will be stationary punching bags. And most of us don’t like to play that way, and new people coming to the game? Well they certainly won’t have a friend wanting to heal as they can only play and level up healing with friends as you can’t solo a thing with the changes.

Healing needed a nerf but the thing that is making healers “immortal” as you all phrase it is the rapier, not the lifestaff. Nobody says that about LS/VG healers.

The only healers who remain will AOE and that’s not enough right now, if anything AOE heals should of received a nerf but the two single target heals keeping you stationary for 1.5s plus finding the right target? Dead


Not rlly. You can play heavy/med healer and face tank many players. Issue with healing there is no diminish return. So its hard to balance properly. One way it feal like healers are not fun to play, other way it feal like they are immportal.

Lets leave them like they are of even buff healing output but add diminish return on healing so there will be nore more healing forver.


With 1700 hours as a healer, I can’t just quit.
I thought about quitting but in the end I love the class. We have to adapt to the changes even if they are not good.
I solved the psychology aspect with a WH/GA Bruiser build. Every few days I get into OPR and come out with a positive K/D ratio. The GA is so massively OP that you can have fun with moderate skill. The DPS players will not like this but it is confirmed. There is no room for discussion.

It is not the solution but a kind of painkiller :slight_smile:


Who cares.
No serious player only plays one build. If they only play healer it is their own fault.
We will always have enough healers for PvE stuff, if no others are here I switch to heal myself.
And PvP will be better without healers anyway :smiley:


Realistically „a lot of healers“ are only a couple of vocal people on the forums that are threatening to leave, but ultimately will still play the game after the changes. The rest will not like the changes, but they‘re just going to adapt like the rest of us when our „class“ gets changed.

Ultimately, it is a really healthy change for the game that healers finally get their close-to-immortality removed. But we‘re not even at the end of the PTR cycle either and some things might change again.


Vocal minority on the forums does not represent the playerbase. Balancing is an ongoing thing and you have to do changes in a living game like NW. I’m a healer myself and certainly not quitting over this patch.


I look forward to a shortage of healers. As a solo player, I rarely have a healer helping me remain standing, which is fine, I plan on it.

But, a lot of the premades on my server will notice with their glass cannon builds.


Again stop commenting on healing posts, you have no idea what you are talking about. No one cares that you can’t 1v1 a healer with your GA/WH


I mean considering I have started a company called “retired healer collective” with 17 of the slotted war healers on my server idk if it’s a minority. It might be overall, but we are talking the skilled healers who do war and can run m10 in light. Will be interesting to see how it impacts PvE


Well considering we’re down to 12k playerbase for this game, You should care considering the fact that if more people leave, the more likely this game will die. The last thing you should be striving for is pissing off more people.

But you know, this is the same community that pretends that counter play isn’t a real solution when it comes to balancing. You know, Like more Healing hate mechanics that isn’t tied to awful perks or skills?


Do you know how badly the bow was treated for the last 5 months?
I mostly play bow and did not quit. I just branched out and got more builds I can use.


Healers quitting? Finally some good news.

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My wife already made the switch from heavy healer to bow and spear in anticipation of the update.

When 2 melee can take you out in 3 seconds, there’s no point in playing healer, you don’t do any damage, and can’t heal anyone when you are dead…lol


I’ve decided not to quit, but this was the final straw that got me to just put the staff away.

It’s the first time i guess i really felt what they think about heavy armor and healing. Reading the PTR patch notes they called it “Putting heavy healers in line with other classes”

But what it does is removes us from the equation.


Every healer in my guild so like 10 ish has been in light for months because it helps your teammates not yourself the only thing they don’t like is the lights embrace nerfs

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Ya I’ve been debating switching classes, but even with the new stam changes coupled with the improved weapon honing I can only see melee being viable, and I ain’t about that life.

So I’ll be taking an extended break, maybe come back but probs won’t

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There are going to be plenty of healers that branch out into other builds and will still play healer in most things.

Is it not common knowledge that as the arena matches go on, healing becomes less effective? There is a stacking disease mechanic in arena. For some reason it seems like a lot of people don’t know this.

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I mean, if it comes to that AGS will rebalance or make healing more fun, thats just how things go in MMO’s.

I just got my heavy dungeon healer gear to +20 and then i see that heavy gear healing will be 60% lower. WTF???


Who the fuck plays healer in heavy?! My healer Buddies wont leave and they are Not complaining.