Looks like a lot of healers plan on quitting

Give everyone unresponsive skills. :triumph:

The true end game combat is the text box. :laughing:

I think the worst part about cast times in a game like this, is how you can respond 10x faster than the game does.
Its incredibly disheartening and demoralizing.

You see someone take damage, you cast your spell… wait… waiting… watching… praying, staring at their HP tick down down down… then poof you cast on a corpse. You stand there and sigh because you know you’re next. Your ability is on CD, and even if it wasn’t you wouldn’t be able to use it to heal yourself.

DPS are like 'i dont like how healers can use their abilities in a 1v1. Meanwhile they can use all their abilities in the 1v1. If neither of us can kill each other, its balanced. In a 2v1 it should be a challenge for both but not impossible. 3+ and the healer should die. And they WOULD die if it werent for rapier.

Address rapier usage on healers. Then healers will die.

Yup, you can instantly swap targets when you see your ally get chunked to half health. But you sure can’t heal them.

Better hope they live for another 1.5 seconds though!

Just delete group health UI/HUD at this point.

We are definitely watching healing numbers and making sure they stay balanced! I will make sure I pass along your concerns to the development team, thank you for the feedback!

Thank you!! We don’t think numbers will be effected, in all honesty numbers may go up overall in healing numbers, as the shift will be to a more AOE meta which will actually push numbers up.

The concern is only with the cast time on LE and DE. We all think healing feels better when these skills do not have cast times. We are fine in reduction of healing numbers if we could keep the current LE cast

No. PvP will die. And that’s just fine.
PvE can continue on with some adjustments, such as completely separating player influence from settlements.
Then AGS can focus more on content, furnishings, skins, and clown costumes. Like in every other levelled MMO, especially those that have stood the test of time while not really giving a rat’s ass about PvP – such as SWTOR, ESO, even something like Vindictus.
Maybe AGS can even work on some real quality of life content like retrofitting gear and allowing us to have farms for onions, oranges, and coconuts.

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LOL. No. People will start packing self-heals. Just look at the complaints about healing potions in PTS Arena feedback.

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AGS is still struggling to find a way to make PvP a thing under their current direction and they still don’t understand that it’s their direction that is wrong.

All these little changes ultimately won’t change anything.

Combat (and loot) need a complete overhaul at this point, which of course will make the few remaining people mad for all the grinding they did. But it’s their only hope of attracting a bigger following.

There’s no right answers anymore, just the slow but painful death.

I would have loved to see this game do well but I won’t pretend I don’t find satisfaction in their failing after their complete disregard of strong feedback and refusal to engage in actual discussions.


They absolutely refuse to pick the lowest hanging fruit.

Loot (random drops) are unrewarding.
Crafting is unrewarding.

  • Can’t control crafts. two 1% chances and another 1/6 chance leads to one in thirty thousandths of a nice piece. The most generous chance [assuming true 1 in 6 chance of a legendary] of getting what you want is 0.00125% chance.

Zero incentive to fight for Weaver’s Fen + Reekwater + Restless Shores. Unrewarding.

Easy changes to fix broken systems.

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LOL if the player base keeps dropping the game will die sooner or later… pvp will die and pve will follow after… and as soon as people notice the game is in “maintenance mode” the exodus will only snowball from there!!! because why invest time in a game that will likely be shutdown.


All it takes is lay offs or re-assignments to new Amazon Games projects for this game to be in maintenance mode. :shushing_face:

There is a reason why the roadmap doesn’t extend past Fall 2022.

There is no roadmap going into 2023. The roadmap was published to appease players. If they did not, players would roast the living hell out of the team should they refuse to publish any deliverables.

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just another cryng post from a low skill guy …boring


They need to keep Lights Embrace without a cast.

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To be honest you don’t need healers to have fun PvP, in fact, it might make things more interesting if they didn’t exist in the classic MMO form. FFXIV reworked their PvP where the team isn’t dependent on healers as they take in more of a buff support, CC and burst role. At the same time every class has pots and some defensives to cope.

New World arena might be better off without mandatory healers in your team. So they can quit, I don’t mind.

Thats not the impression I have. Looks like loads of healers are returning to the game.

most overtuned weapon in the game people complaining… so what other weapon can you be in light and still have to have 3-5 people to kill you

healing is already way too high… but I guess I can understand it doesnt matter for someone playing healer, you never wanna feel worse one day then you did the last.

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You legit don’t know how to stun/root anyone then complain that healers need a nerf, then healers quit, game dies further. Complete 20IQ take.

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I sympathize and agree overall. This is another example of AGS over/undertuning something rather than making incremental changes.

However, personally I can tell you that I have tried to get healers off a point in OPR. The majority of them either had no rapier or found no use for one. They run around your outpost healing themselves over and over.

One in particular just ran in circles as others chased this healer. All the time only healing themselves.

Having said all that it might have been a better plan to nerf dodge then wait and see. That might fix a lot of the problem.

Even if it didn’t succeed it would narrow the issues down.

Which once again suggests a limited toolset of understanding mmo’s and having the skills to address problems.

If all you have is a hammer everything begins to look like a nail.


AGS has to make improvements rather than nerfs . An easy solution is longer , hard CC (yep longer hard) and better gap closers for melee…if healers could be locked down better it wouldn’t matter how much they could heal for . AGS made this game for dopes who have never played PvP in an MMO before , and they just cave in to complaints and nerf bat everything , then people leave . AGS should add more complexity and nuance to PvP/ , not just flatten everything out to please people who will never figure anything out anyway .

I appreciate some of the feedback, and yes much like many posts of course my healer thing is exaggerrated but some of you being rude and calling us cry babies and low skill? I fully agreed healing needs a nerf but this is a lot all at once

Try healing in PTR and live then give your input, healers will be a stationary scrolling class, pretty boring. I know many healers unpleased with the changes and a few already uninstalled, we all put a bunch of our time and coins into the gear and now healing just feels terrible.

What if they added cast times to your abilities? Would you love to stand there for 1.5 seconds as youre being pelted?