Loot Bag Stuck on Screen Cant Loot

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  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced: When I killed a Lost One in Crow Rest near the well I was unable to loot the mob or pull Well and the Loot Bag stayed up even though I ran all the way back to the city. Had to Logout hope its not still on now.

I know its a known bug but heres a screenshot as past threads didnt include one.

When this happens, step away from the problem loot bag.

Then, drop a potion or any item really.

Next, walk away from your newly dropped item, far enough so that when you drop another item that it doesn’t combine your 2nd dropped item into the same discarded items pile.

Now, pick up the first item you dropped, then move to the second item you dropped and pick that up as well.

Finally, you are able to interact with objects again, as well as pick up the problem loot bag that caused the issue.

Note: Sometimes you have to do this twice to get this workaround to work. if you don’t like this workaround, a quick relog solves this issue to. but, if you’re in an expedition it saves time so you don’t have to run thru the whole dungeon again after you do the relog method.


Just loot anything else and it’s gone. If you can’t loot cause of the well, just prone.

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