Loot drop question

Why do i keep having loot drop that ranges any where from 400-570. I have 1 minor luck trophy 1 basic and 1 major. I’m wearing all luck gear and weapons. I’m farming the mortician and still seeing these low drops with a gs of 613. I have reset all my luck trophies and I eat luck food. Just so confused.

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GS range also depends on the level of the target

Unfortunately, on mobs 60+ the stuff you get doesn’t scale with your GS, but with the mob lvl. Need your own luck behind the in game luck. That’s why people spend days to have only one piece from a mob (not talking about trophy mats, just a named armor). And when they have it, it can drop at lower level (like stuff from mines/Mangled/Caminus).Lvl 60 to 62 mobs will almost never drop 590+ gear. 63 mobs will have an atrocious low rate. 64 and more it’s better but… painful.

But shouldnt now all mobs drop Up to +100GS with the new Patch?

So Level 60 Mobs could drop Up to GS600, at least ocassionaly?

Verry occasionaly maybe. Still super rare.

Loot is broken with new update, i have already said in other post, i’ve been farming in mines, myrkgard, pirates since new update was implemented, and me and my friends feel is worse than it was previosly, for example, when i am farming in myrkgard with full luck gear, 3 major trophies and elite mobs lv 63 dropped u a single potion, and not just one time, farming during several hours, or the same for elite chests, u get full green and blue items, really…? that’s the improve in loot/drop system? AGS should check because it’s frustrating and annoying spend your time to get a lot of healing potions

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I have the same feeling. No big improvement on my end as well. And they should change withered bough/shatered sword and all these little thing to epic tier. I feel seriously bad when I receive a “legendary” that is seriously useless right now. It doesn’t feel legendary.

I tried mines/Myrk/Imp, no big deal on mobs and chests. The unique solution is to give some scaling with player level.