Loot luck and what it does actually affect

Thanks, also, to @sIenderman for your videos highlighting this discussion over the last month!

I know those videos were circulated on many different faction & server discords. It has many players watching this thread to see if it is indeed possible to get a genuine response from the New World developer team via the forums and Community Managers such as @Wyvernn.


Yup, I’m basically following now as proof that @Wyvernn (who is appreciated by all of us) was basically told to chuck this discussion “into the void”. I highly doubt we’re going to get any interaction from anyone else, sad to say.


exactly, but like you said, its not his fault and we do appreciate your effort my man. @Wyvernn for MVP!!!


Hey buddy, much appreciated. Thank you brother.

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Alright, so for those that haven’t seen the Dev video yet, they do know that we have been blasting forums and elsewhere (@slender / @slenderman for all his videos, whichever is you). To skip ahead to the luck discussion jump to the 40 minute mark.

I appreciate the @Community-Team and @Developer folks for taking the time to bring it up. I think it was a regurgitation of the previous explanation of luck posted awhile back and believe that it didn’t really answer anything. So begging here for an actual dialogue here from the @Developer @Community-Team, just some form of Q&A.

At least something that can then be pinned and referenced for all folks coming to the forum to find out answers.

Side note: thought this was amusing and not done maliciously, just probably a fair interpretation of that discussion from a viewer’s perspective,

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in hindsight, probably not the best idea to repost their video. didn’t even think about it. oops

and the award for most unhelpful and just plain insulting comment in this thread goes to this guy! WHOOOO!

Back on topic, they’ve already answered a lot of these questions. Feels weird that people are asking questions to which answers already exist.

after watching the Dev video about “lower and upper floors”

I would love some clarifications on named item drops in dungeons or elite chests. If all luck does is “lift the lower one” then whats the point of it?

My takeaway is that the luck system was implemented by someone that has long since left the dev team and the remaining devs have no real clue how it works.



I would add a question.

If I understood this topic correctly. Luck doesn’t give you more chance to drop legendaries, luck doesn’t give you more chance to drop more or better perks per items, luck doesn’t give you more chance to drop higher gearscore items either… luck doesn’t give you more chances to actually roll perks with synergy with the item mainstat…

The only thing it does, it gaves you more chances to see items that roll bonuses… Okay.

What exactly are those items ? (named ?) and what are those bonuses you are speaking about?

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like everything in this game, there is not enough basic information in the game.

the user experience in this game is not considered in the least, neither in the accessibility and frubility of the contents, nor in the user interface.

AGS What does it cost you to enter this information in the game?

They have to research what their gaem actually does, which should be as simple as looking at the automatically built documentation (Doxygen or whatever tool they use) for few minutes.
But if they have omitted documenting the project then it may involve combing through and understanding the spaghetti which may take any time or fail.

so what you’re saying is… you don’t know and its overly convoluted for no reason?


Just a quick check-in on how you’re progressing with your mission @Wyvernn. It’s been 43 working days now since you first suggested you would ask the developers the questions posed here concerning & surrounding Luck!

Luck was mentioned briefly in the February Dev Update. But as mentioned by @Bear-Lion, that discussion only recapitulated the previously inadequate and very basic understanding of how Luck works.

I’m sure you’re still hoping to get answers for all of us still monitoring this post. Good luck and we hope to hear from you very soon!


You want an update? Here ya go… @Wyvernn get your butt over here amd let us know you havent forgot about us. Thank you sir!!! Oh and btw @Wyvernn you better watch the tournament we are hosting. Watch the video brother, gonna be epic!!

Hello everyone!

First of all @slender:

Second @Kilnerdyne thanks for reaching back, you can be 100% sure that I keep an eye on this post every day! And I can tell you that we’re on the same page holding for the corresponding follow up answers.

PS. I’m always watching NW and LA content creators so I’ll take a look at the tourney :wink:


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I hope not, thank you for responding bc the other thread isn’t getting much action :wink:

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Hahaha love it :two_hearts:

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There is something definitely wonky with luck. I stripped all my luck gear off yesterday and got way better drops from chests and monsters with only 3 minor luck loot trophies than with my Voidbent armor, luck on my jewelry and bags. With full luck gear most times I would only get one crappy item drop from any given large chest and furniture recipes and drops practically non-existant.