Loot Luck possible not working as intended? Petition request!

Hi there all,

Any ideeas how I can submit a petition to the Dev team for checking loot luck if it is working properly. So far i tested for 3 days… and it seems my luck aint changing with anything with full loot luck items + major loot luck trophy ( 3x ) compared to 0 luck on me ( as i understood, the quality of items should change ) i for one dont see any difference. I have all items with pearls in them, ( armor with 2.7 - 2.8% luck + pearl / Jewelry Luck + pearl , Bags + luck ) weapon + luck … +3x major loot luck trophys ) and i dont feel any change in quality of items dropping nor at trophy hunting … in 1 week of hunting them i got 1 trophy , each day farming ~ 3h ( ~15 chests / rout )
something feels off… I know 2 players that have 0 luck gear or trophy, and they get 2-3 - 4 trophys /week …it feel like at some point tthe luck goes into negative …can the devs please check this out

thanks in advance!


One of the fundamental problems with Luck, which has been acknowledged by the devs, is that having a bunch of luck doesn’t feel lucky at all. They should do something like increase the gold drop amount by your luck %, just so players actually see an improvement from using luck gear that doesn’t have to be tracked and quantified over weeks to be seen.

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i would instantly sell my 3x major trophys if it would give me extra gold only …
but still, 3x major trophy is just 4.5% more luck…for the ammount that you spend on it, a 4.5% increase is laughable … but hey … i just want a confirmation from te dev team that it is working as intended and they have checked it by themselves ( the more luck you have, it actually improves things )
that’s all i’m asking

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I have luck gear with minor trophies and get no trophy mats after multiple days 3 hours+. I must be doing something wrong. I went over a month without getting a trophy mat.

Wish i knew how it worked,i have done dozens of world tours,dozens of cp runs countless solo runs over 2 weeks in full luck gear,weapons,bags,3 minor trophies and not one drop

Not extra gold only—extra gold in addition to the regular luck. Mostly so players can actually see what the game thinks their total luck is and that it actually has a visible effect. I.e., mobs drop 10 gold each, but the player has 25% luck, so now they drop 12.5 gold each; player bumps up to 30% luck, now they drop 13 gold each, etc.

Right now luck is just this invisible stat that we just have to assume actually works (and is calculated) as intended.

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@balazs.tibi91 This is the from to fill out for “bugs”… Cheers

this is not a bug report thread, its just so they can confirm if it is working as intended or not, as it seems very off …


Without indication of any sort broken luck modifier on RNG is impossible to prove. Even with loot luck indicator we would not know how it really works since there are many rolls for some items and many buckets. Sweet spots can exist and devs already indicated such bugs being present. I would love to see luck validated by players. Maybe some kind of debug console on PTR where actual rolls can be seen so that players can work out how the system works and if it works correctly.

I’ve been experiencing many issues doing the same MD run of 200+ stockpiles only. Weeks without trophy upgrades with max luck gear and than when I removed pearls I’ve been getting 1 in 200 chests. Upgraded my jewelry to max luck for many more epic drops but no trophy materials again. I’m not going to speculate if that’s RNG or something is broken because only devs can check the system. Having said that, it’s very frustrating and takes away a good bit of fun from the game for me.

this is the point of my petition request.

We have company members who had 3 major luck trophies and sold them - they are still finding trophies like Loaded Dice, Stacked Deck, etc.

PvP flagging, some minor luck trophies, and luck gear is probably all you need.

Luck is totally broken in this game i not gonna explain very much but i talk now with one guy hes getting legendary trophy mats 5-7 in day and me with higher luck get nothing for 4 days i got so frustrated honestly and he actually have gotten best legendary trophy mats in week then i did find less then him in 2 months or so im pretty sure i just waste only about 400-500hrs looting those chests 7.5k stockpiles i have opened have gotten 2 armor tools 1 loaded dice 2 stacked decks 1 armor journal its just hilarious hahah

this is why i’m asking for the Dev team to please look into it and just make sure that it is working as intended, as this is a bit to weird, people with 0 luck gear getting more stuff than people with close to max luck … just to weird …not sure if any CM or def team member watched this thread so far, but i do hope they did and actually give at least a notice, like " yes, we hear you, we will look into this "


Me and my friends doing 3-10 stockpile runs a day with FULL LUCK, and we drops a LOT of legendary trophy mats, so RNG is RNG. With PVE middle luck, your chances about ~0.025% for each high loot table item, with PVP high luck, it’s about ~0.042%. So…

The problem is with the pearls as well as any jewellery containing luck. equipping any of those reduces luck instead of increasing it. It’s definitely an issue that needs to be resolved and has needed to be, for some time now. In the meantime I recommend no luck on items I just mentions and no pearls.

They need to show your total luck in the character menu, as well as showing all other buffs in the character menu. If we can physically see what our luck is it’ll give us a better idea if we actually are gaining or losing luck.

This issue is important! The devs really need to look into this!

bump …
can a CM or a dev or any1 confirm that they read this :-s