Loot Luck Questions (entire community is waiting)

Dear Developers of New World. There have been, for a very long time, very specific questions regarding the loot luck in this game. They have been ignored or unnoticed for far too long to be acceptable. This forum category specifically states that this is a place where we can post things that are causing confusion about the game. Well this is. I have asked about this before, yes I am a nobody but I still play and promote this great game. I have a couple questions to ask about the loot system and we would ALL (the entire community) appreciate a response, not from customer service but from a developer equipped to handle these questions. Im sure you guys are busy and Im sure you are all aware of the threat started by bandi and all the questions contained in it. A customer support rep tried his/her best to answer and by accident, created even more controversy over the luck system and now EVERYBODY is watching and we need an answer even more now. It was even stated that pvp luck is not even a thing. We aren’t asking you to do a big immediate fix on an issue, that would take time. We are asking for an answer to a few very simple questions. The questions are as follows…

  1. Do luck pearls possible override the main higher luck stat that appears on weapons and armor. Example, if i have a chest with 2.8% luck like the voidbent chest, and i equip a pristine pearl, is it possible that this pearl luck stat replaces the main luck stat that is on the chest?

  2. Does having loot luck increase your chances of getting rare trophy pieces?

  3. What are these “bonuses” that wyvern (customer support) keeps mentioning? Are bonuses perks? Are bonuses extra items that may drop from chests? What are these mysterious “bonus rolls”?

  4. When you have a sword/shield equipped and loot a chest, does the luck stat on the shield apply to the chest you are opening? We ask this because it has been tested and proven that if you have constitution on an equipped shield, when looting and sheathing the weapons, we lose HP meaning the con stat does not apply. Why would the con not apply but the luck apply in this scenario? Please explain.

  5. Does Loot Luck give you increased chances of getting corruption shards, slivers, fragments, crystals and lodestone from portals? There was a dev post stating “as with all openable containers, loot luck does not apply here” but when i recently farmed portals, without luck i got no shards or anything from any minor caches, as soon as i put my full luck set on, almost all of the caches had shards or slivers in them?

  6. Does the amulet with luck give negative luck? There is a lot of speculation that this is happening.

  7. If you log out, die or switch gear, does the server take a while to recognize the changes in luck?

Please answer these questions, it would make SOOOOO many players happy and put our minds at ease. But most importantly, it would show that you do care and do listen to the questions we have. You have a chance to really win back the community here with some sort of response from a dev. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this book I wrote, we appreciate all that you guys do. Your boy… Sl3nder

  1. Unknown
  2. Yes
  3. Bonuses = perks
  4. Yes
  5. No
  6. No, people were also saying luck doesn’t work when it clearly does
  7. Probably not, but I don’t even see what that would change? Unless you log in and instantly open a chest then it wouldn’t change anything

Yes, yes, yes. Maybe they haven’t answered because they don’t know. But as I stated in another post, a detailed stat screen with stats directly from the coding on the bio screen could help. Not just for this issue, but for QOL as well.
If you had 2.8% luck, threw the amulet on and it went to 0, boom, we know the amulet is glitched. Vise versa with pearls.


I am still unclear on if flagging for PVP gives the dev mentioned “Boost” to luck there are so many conflicting comments even from the Devs, and community Managers/Mods. The weird thing is i kind of feel like there is such a thing as when i don’t flag i get really crappy drops but then when i do flag i get less crappy drops, they are always crappy mind you but less crappy when im flagged. I think i just have really bad RNG as it doesn’t matter if i use luck gear (even have a Double Luck Set of gear), keep the trophies up in my houses, or flag but i would like to know definitively from the devs about luck and particularly the luck boost for being flagged.

i agree, this last thread by bandi has really raised a lot of concerns

If i could suggest another question to add to the list… If you get a really high loot roll, higher than all available loot buckets, do you round the roll value down to the highest available bucket, /or/ is the roll lost completely and you end up with no loot / or / is it possible that only the value above the max roll is taken into account (resulting in a lower bucket being returned - does this account for the frequent common and green low tier items that one gets more of once you have maxed out luck )

After buying a new piece of purple luck gear with more luck and salvaging the old one, i now have worse drops that before.
Did i waste lots of gold and time in the proccess? who knows really but this feeling suck ass.

Clarify this issue.

As far as luck working or not I farm the 3 bosses in ebonscale a lot and I definitely get more legendary mat drops than I would if I wasn’t flagged with luck gear. Also skinning I get a lot more poultry breasts and sumpteous rabbit for sure with full skinning gear. Not sure it’s valid data but it’s something



good questions, bump

Would like to know… Bump

Looks like it may be time for a new game boys… I’ve been an advocate for this game since day 1. Telling people oh no just be patient, it’s new… they will fix it, they care… But they can’t answer a simple question? Instead, someone says the wrong thing, probably got in big trouble for a copy paste and bizarre answer then they just go silent? Like nothing happened. Like when you fart, everyone hears it but you still act like nothing happened. Ya super awkward. Well Amazon, this is super awkward. I’ve tried defending you, wrote a great steam review and an even better YouTube review. This may seem insignificant to you, but changes everything for me, and probably many for many others. Word of mouth is king, and reviews are everything. Hopefully more developers will start to understand the last sentence I just wrote. Good luck AGS…

For myself, I am curious. I recently upgraded my house with the Major Loot Luck trophy and have yet to see noticeable results with additional rare items being dropped versus not having the trophy at all. I purchased a second house and added a minor loot luck trophy. I also upgraded my gear with luck so that when we do elite chest runs, I try to have as much luck as possible. This too, I have not noticed any return on investment. The trophy looks great in the house, :slight_smile: but I was hoping for more in the runs we recently completed. Since reading this post I will remove the amulet with luck to see if there is a difference. Much like the gear crafting, it is just rolling the dice to see if you get great gear specs from crafting or crappy gear, no different from any of the chest drops. With hardly any luck at all, the [stacked deck] dropped from a NPC as I was doing my harvesting runs. But I keep my fingers crossed. Great questions.

Legendary loot from Elite zones and expeditions are still rare for me but I have started to get Legendary trophy materials. It’s not just about luck but also how many chests you actually loot. You might run a route for 2 hours a day and you might get nothing most days and then boom a good drop another.

I started with 3 minor loot trophies 2.6 - 2.8 on most gear some with just 1.5 - 1.9 luck on my bags and I wasn’t getting any decent trophy materials except for the Corrupted trophy mats. I then upgraded my bags to get luck with 2.6 - 2.8 and equiped the winter convergence weapon and since then Ive had epic cooking trophy materials.

I then started flagging PVP 24/7 and doing my exact same chest route round Reekwater and now I get Precision Tools, stacked decks and alsorts. I upgraded a loot bonus trophy to Basic.

I am not maxed but increase luck from better gear, winter weapons and the pvp loot bonus has definitely made Trophy materials drop.

Again as for my daily Myrk, Imperial, Melevelance and Reek Elite chest runs, they rarely give my anything but I an confident once I max all my gear luck bonus and upgrade my loot trophies to Major I will be swimming in legendary gear drops and trophies.

Well good luck, from someone with max luck :slight_smile: