Looting and acquiring resources

Hello there!

I am Level 27 playing with 7 friends and all of us are very happy and impressed by the standards this game has.

Very dynamic and not forced. This is very fun especially the removal of all the possible toxic behaviour. (Permakilling others. Forced PvP etc., stealing loot etc.)

The only thing that is pushing my nerve boundaries at the moment to the outer most edges, is the fact that you can kill an animal get knocked over by an ability and having to deal with the consequence of another play taking the animals corpses and looting it infront of you.

For example the bear on the faction quest in everfall ginger hovel.

Why do I have to kill 6 of them just to loot them once, because everytime I kill it and do 90% of the damage some random guy comes over and gets to press E quicker.

Can’t we get this resolved in a simple way by letting everyone loot it that did damage to it?
15% damage you get to loot it period.
Reduce the amount of loot you get by the amount of people hitting the animal. done deal.

You did such a great job with everything else why is this even a matter.

Thank you for reading/listening


Habs nicht gelesen aber bin dagegen! :joy::v:

Nicht so witzig :joy::joy::joy:

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