Lore Pages! Gathering them ALL! - A bug remaining in game since launch! Lets get it fixed!

So I tend to give myself mini goals and my most recent one was to gather all of the lore pages in the game. Curious if I can compare some numbers to people that also went out of their way to gather all of the pages, maybe there is one or two that I missed? I know one in WW is inaccessible to me since I did not get during a quest (hidden behind one of those foggy doors).

It would be nice if lore pages received some love. Alongside achievements in general. There are many broken achievements and most notably pages that do not exist, are inaccessible, or are accidental repeats of previous pages. Lets give this part of the game some love! Still want them to go through an voice over all of the pages like they are doing in the starting experience (currently only select MSQ ones).

I also used the forum post below which was really helpful. I will try and update this thread later with details of which ones are missing as well. If my numbers seem low for a specific area, I would love someone pointing me to look over those again, so I can go back and check again, I am assuming I missed one or two. I also used NWFans to help find some of the locations. It appears there are a ton on there that are not in the game? I am thinking future updates? Saw some with the Ironrose, which are part of the revamped starting experience. So I am assuming those will be added to the game with the update. Some looked kinda spicy so assuming they could be part of future updates?

Finally just want to say that this really should get fixed because returning players notice when a bug has remained in the game since launch! So many things have been fixed which has been amazing, but there should be some priority on the ones that linger. For instance we still are getting iron ammo from elite chests and common regen potions instead of infused. But I digress


Will join you on listing out missing pages still.
They did update/remove many of the failed older not there lore.
I did a swift summary before I had to log off for the update.

Tales of Aeternum
Missives from Thorpe Page 3- In world ,failure to collect as it won’t register-will check again on this one.
Star Excavation Page 2 (this is my own fault, will get it when I go into star again)

Tales of Everfall
Everfall’s Wreckage Page 1

Tales of Mourningdale
Posted Notes and Public Bills page 1 and 3

Tales of Reekwater
Melpomene’s Journal Page 3-in world, but upon attempted pick up says page 2 -will check again on this one

Tales of Weaver’s Fen
Hazel’s Diary Page 14

Tales of Windsward
Icabod’s Journal Page 7


I been craving these pages forever! :rofl:

I recently checked Melpomene’s Journal Page 3, and despite it being there it STILL doesn’t let you unlock it!

Also, I played PTR, and tried looking for the Everfall’s Wreckage Page 1. It still wasn’t there! :rofl:
So I guess not fixed in the Brimstone update either.

I made a thread on this a while back :blush:


Is there one missing from Laz btw? Or am I just silly?

Ooo I will give this a read. I’m sure I missed a few. Really hope they fix these eventually. Understand they not the highest priority but when these things linger this long it does start to get frustrating.

I’ve taken the WW one where it’s on the obelisk thing without stairs as a challenge though. Maybe recruit some friends to crouch while flagged and I’ll use them as stairs instead haha

UP, its been a year…

For whatever reason my Tales of Aeternum is marked as complete despite that one page not being marked off. My First Light documents have all been gathered as well… were you having trouble with them or just not finished going through that area again @blackxp

hi. yes. that’s me. a loreseeker.

this is my current progress with achievement-specific lore pages

you seem to be missing a few in First Light and Mourningdale, so here is a short list c:

Tales of First Light

Format: Number of Pages – Topic Name

3 – Day to Day in Dayspring
2 – Giroux’s Notebook
4 – Industrial Endeavors
2 – De Magnete
2 – Discarded Memories
2 – Abandoned Research
4 – The Ebony Hawk
4 – Shores of First Light
3 – All In a Day’s Work
3 – Clemenson’s Notes
3 – First Light Wreckage
2 – First Light Legacies
4 – The Maelstrom
3 – The Vendetta
3 – Lady Fathom
2 – Woven Together
3 – The Tower of Light

Tales of Mourningdale

Format: Number of Pages – Topic Name

3 – Antonio’s Logbook
5 – The Account of Antiquary Addams
4 – Tales from Musslebeard’s Crew
3 – Diary of Nunez
1 – Ronen’s Watch
3 – Azoth Smugglers
4 – Visions of Madness
3 – Abebe’s Mourning
3 – Perils of Pierre

These are missing / bugged / at an unknown location

Stephen’s Testament – Page 1
Posted Notes, and Public Bills – Pages 1 and 3

lmk if there’s anything else that you are missing (:

hope this helps ! :sparkles:

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to add on to your list . . .


Legends of Aeternum – 1
Tales of An Island Divided – 4
Tales of Brightwood – 20
Tales of Cutlass Keys – 22
Tales of Ebonscale Reach – 30
Tales of First Light – 49
Tales of Great Cleave – 39
Tales of Restless Shores – 27
Tales of Shattered Mountain – 14
Tales of The SoulWardens – 9


Tales of Aeternum – 118 / 120
Tales of Edengrove – 16 / 25
Tales of Everfall – 51 / 52
Tales of Monarch’s Bluffs – 55 / 60
Tales of Mourningdale – 31 / 34
Tales of Reekwater – 39 / 40
Tales of Weaver’s Fen – 37 / 38
Tales of Windsward – 70 / 75

Tales of Aeternum

  • The Daughterwell
    • #1 – A Warning
  • Missives From Thorpe
    • #3 – As I Lay Dying…

Tales of Edengrove

  • Wincroft’s Journal
    • #1 to 9

Tales of Everfall

  • Everfall’s Wreckage
    • #1 – Beringer’s Boons

Tales of Monarch’s Bluffs

  • Unknown Explorer
    • #6 – Sleep of the Dead
    • #8 – Ancient Grove
  • The Fall
    • #1 – Up to No Good
    • #2 – Violent Storm
    • #3 – On the Banks of the River

Tales of Mourningdale

  • Stephen’s Testament
    • #1 – Wails of a Miner
  • Posted Notes, and Public Bills
    • #1 – Looking for work!
    • #3 – Heroes Abound!

Tales of Reekwater

  • Melpomene’s Journal
    • #3 – Entry 22: Death
      • BUG – Once opened, this document shows #2 (Entry 5: Storm)

Tales of Weaver’s Fen

  • Hazel’s Diary
    • #14 – The Journey

Tales of Windsward

  • Grenville’s Journey
    • #6 – An Unpleasant Find: Day 17
    • #7 – Ill Tidings: Torn Page
    • #8 – April Dig: Ledger
    • #13 – The Great Work
  • Ichabod’s Journal
    • #7 – What Dreams May Come
      • Possible Location – Inside the obelisk of Octans, northern Windsward ? – Quest ?

:rabbit: :two_hearts:


Checking in as well as another Lore Gatherer


Tales of Aeternum 114/120
Missives from Thorpe Page 3- In world ,failure to collect as it won’t register
Star Excavation Page 2
** miscellaneous pages that were moved maybe? Missing 4 more…

Tales of Everfall 51/52
Everfall’s Wreckage Page 1

Tales of Mourningdale 31/34
Posted Notes and Public Bills page 1 and 3
Stephan’s Testament page

Tales of Weaver’s Fen 37/38
Hazel’s Diary Page 14

Tales of Edengrove 16/25
A Prayer to the Motherwell Bless Us-locked behind wall, 1x quest

Tales of Monarch’s Bluff 55/60
Unknown Explorer page 6
The Fall
and think i saw the other missing pages in ptr…and got them on my lower level testing character, will check

Tales of Reekwater 39/40
Melpomene’s Journal Page 3-in world, but upon pick up says page 2

Tales of Windsward 69/75
Icabod’s Journal Page 7
Grenville’s Journey Page, 6,7,8,13
Grenville and the Temple page 1


Lets add to that.
Using pictures we also have
The Varagain Knights
Summer Medleyfaire

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Love you all, I’ll try and compare mine to these pictures and lists next time I’m on!

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Oh, and the Winter Convergence ! :snowflake:

Yep. I can confirm this. It is unlocked when you pass through the barrier in the Main Story Quest, A Selfless Nature (:

Yep, with brimstone there will be more lore of course.
But the one I noted was in Monarch’s Bluff in PTR
A Father’s Prayer-

3 pages

For Tales of Monarchs, that would, with the Fall & Unknown Explorer pages would make up the full set.

Format: Number of Pages – Topic Name

4 - The Stevens Expedition
2 - Averham’s Research
2 - Chronicles of Mesnard
18 - Frederico’s Letters
8 - The Captain’s Log
10 - The Vitae Aeternum Pact
2 - Author Unknown
15 - Journal of Pilot Keyes
14 - Chronicle of Ruiz Velazquez
3 - Álvaro’s Notes
3 - The Castaway
6 - Isabella’s Folly
4 - Star Excavation
1 - The Soulwarden’s Mother
1 - And We Ran
1 - The Amrine Forge
1 - Eyes in Ebonrock
2 - The Ancient Path
1 - The Monster of Brightrest
1 - To the Templar General
4 - Templar Lieutenant Sato’s Log
5 - Phenomenon Report: Stormwall
1 - The Daughterwell
— PAGE 1 - A Warning – MISSING
3 - Missives from Thorpe
— PAGE 3 - As I Lay Dying… – MISSING
1 - Yonas’ Goodbye
1 - Tall Tales of Isabella
1 - A Prayer to the Motherwell
5 - The Animals Revolt

I’ve collected 118 / 120 pages for Tales of Aeternum. Let me know if you need help searching for the ones you are missing :sparkles:

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Thanks for the list.

I was missing Chronicles of Mesnard, got those 2 now.
Missing the one star (will get it next star expedition)
And the two that are missing Thorpe & Daughterwell.

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anyone checked to see is any of the missing pages were fixed with the new update?

@TrevzorFTW confused, why did you pop up in my notifications? o.O

Edit: shows it’s been edited? Just curious is all haha. Anyways beach to living through others until I can play the zone myself. Wooo!

Probably because I moved your thread to Bug Reports so our teams can easily see the information about missing pages :wink:


Ohhhhhh, that makes more sense now. Half of the time idk where I’m at in the forums. Well usually general but probably many of my posts would make more sense in feedback.

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