Lose ability to chat after an expedition still

THis is ridiculous and not even being addressed, and fix is to log out and sit in que again.

Amazon your doing great at driving every project you have straight into ground.

Hello @Cryptkeeper
We are very sorry for this issue, please be patient while we work to resolve this.

I understand it is very annoying to have to go with that workaround for the moment :frowning:

patient is been like this for weeks, you had a year of testing

so i have to stop and relog and que in middle of streaming

The game has come a long way from the alpha and we are working hard every day to improve this, the patch this week has some very important fixes on the way coming so please keep in mind this post

has nothing to do with fixing this problem. if i have to log out and re que every time i go in a dungeon this should have been fixed well before player alpha.

we already wont get alot of new players due to the main leveling above 30 to be town boards which are barren chause the settlements are upgraded so maybe fixing promptly the issues instead of holding off might be the right answer. I dont think anyone would care about 30 min d/t every day if it fixes bugs.

That issue is recent, not since the alpha, so please be patient while we can address it properly.
Just keeping you updated on the latest patch so you can see the work that is being done.
And sure that can maybe help with some issues but the root cause of this one might not be solved only with d/t
I know it gets old but patience is the key

So with all the issues, devs had time to make yet another thing that use to work into even more issues?

What gets me is… as a programmer, how are we even creating this issue? What code could someone possibly sensibly write that would do this? There’s no reason for changing positioning flags or state flags to also change our ability to chat permanently until we relog.

I’ve seen weird issues like this repeatedly, so please understand people are not idly ranting - your developers are doing things that don’t even make sense from a development standpoint. Your teams may need some training on proper development best practices, because a lot of questionable stuff (like “salvaging” recipes to learn them) is going on and it just doesn’t make sense.

Even non-developers can see that. Why would going into an expedition have any reason to affect chat at all?

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