Losing Skill Levels/Skill Level rollback

This has happened to my friend multiple times. He spends hours grinding to level up various trade skills. Then he logs off and when he logs back in the next day he has lost some or all the levels he has gained.
For example he went from 122 to 128 Arcana last night. Now He is back to 122.

Has this been happening to anyone else? Is this a known issues? Is he doing something wrong to trigger losing the levels? Is my friend going insane?

Hm, that is strange.

Is your friend playing when there is alot of lag going on? Is it during your server’s peak primetime? Have they noticed anything strange like lag when pressing the Craft button, or lag when showing the result of the craft?

I’ve had such happenings with the crafting stations, as well as the Town Board, where I click on things but received no indication I got the quests and ended up having to relog.

He was playing into the early morning hours. So server was well past peak. We did recently transfer. But the problem has happened before that. We just assumed the server had a rollback.

I have tried searching up about the issue. But I have not found anything useful. That’s why I am asking here.

No worries!

I know you stated your friend had issues before that, but I’m sure the transfer didn’t help much. Hm.

This might be something they need to contact support about. If it is a daily occurrence (each time they log on, play, then log off) there is something deeper happening, possibly in their character code.

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