Loss of skins and cash

Today, after logging in, it turned out that I do not have brands in the store or skins that I bought in the store, I also do not have skins for you for bete, for prime amazon, I have nothing


They have already addressed this on the forums:

Hi all,

As an update, this issue is impacting the entire service so players may notice irregularities in login, store items, skins, etc.

This will resolve automatically when the bigger issue is resolved.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Hey @Arglon and @Dargot_Thorn

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I’m sorry for this trouble with New World. @Arglon that is correct, we are experiencing an issue on US East.

Our Developers are working hard to fix this situation, you can also check [Notice] Server Issues and you will find more information.


I’m on EU server Canopis and got the same issue.

Lost all skins both armor and weapon and the remainder of the Coins are gone as well.

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US West (Tarshish) for me. All skins are MIA, including promos from Amazon Games. In-game store shows no record of purchase.

Seems like all you guys have to do is hold tight till they fix the major issue effected Amazon and your skins ect should be fixed as well after that automatically

Im from EU server

this issue is also on AP SOUTHEAST.

im from EU server too and i dont have any skin i bought and i won with amazon prime, neither cant log on the entire afternoon for “conexion error”

me too log in into game and have nothing

Eu server

Also EU Central Serpens server lost all coins and skins

hey @skoal same problems on Balanjar EU. I also lost my server token transfer

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