Loss of trading taxes during this outage

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Will there be any compensation for the people who have items and the Auction House? I have a TON of watermarked gear on the AH, for over 1k gold apiece, and the trading taxes for that kind of post are pretty high, even though I set the auction time for 3 days. I also have a company mate who has the servers first (We assume) item level 600 bag on the AH for 10k gold and it cost him almost 1k to post it.

I feel like the dev team made a good call deactivating wealth transfer, but I am going to be a little tilted if I am out 5k gold or so, because people were unable to buy my auctions.

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Honest advice, forget this game, there is no hope. Tomorrow patch will break remining working game content for sure. They actuall never fixed anything from start, only making things worse.


I added a post about the exact same thing to the thread about the dupe issue. I didnt see this one. I too expect to compensated for my 100 items that have been listed, that I paid listing fees for and are now expiring without anyone able to buy them.


Hello @arrieon.corset,

I apologize for the inconveniences that have arisen, I honestly have no information as to whether it will be possible to provide any kind of compensation due to this inconvenience, if something like this is provided it will be communicated.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.

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Worse than Amazon customer service “we dont know anything and cant do anything but here’s a £5 voucher off your next order”

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@Chifrijo - Thank you for the quick reply, I appreciate it. I know you all have your hands tied right now and you all are working nonstop to fix the bugs in this game. I completely love New World, but for people like me, gold is hard to come by. This is a major setback for me and impacts the pace to play to the best of my abilities. I guess what I am saying is, I get it, but it feels kind of defeating. Nevertheless, thank you for your hard work.


So at this time in 5 regions I have almost 2000lbs of stuff that has expired, which is a HUGE bump of trade fees paid for nothing, I sincerely hope you guys intend to compensate everyone for this! Thank you for the reply and the hard work you all have been putting forth to correct issues you have found! Regardless of some of the negativity I will tell you, you guys have done an AMAZING job so far with the game! As someone that used to be in the gaming industry, I know how hard your jobs are! Mahalo

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It’s not just trading taxes but crafting, refining and property taxes which are actually still being payed by players but it’s going to the ether rather than to the company:

AND we can’t pay territory upkeep as well, so things are now being randomly downgraded despite plenty of money in the company wallet:

AND of course invasions are still going on, so they’re also randomly downgrading everything as well, costing thousands upon thousands in losses because invasions are far too over-tuned for this stage of the game


well if that stuff expired now… u wouldnt have sold it anyway… trading isnt shut downed for 3 days+…

How about you relay to your clearly “professional” developers to use their common sense and either WIPE the servers with a new patch, clean slate on everything! OR

Disable all war! because how the hell do you expect people to have a fair fight when they can’t even UPGRADE their own territories anymore?!?! This is ridiculous! We’re going to get hammered by your “balanced” invasions in 4 hours on my server, and we won’t be able to upgrade our broken defenses for the next guild that comes knocking for our territory.

Oh and just so you know I’m not exaggerating? Everfall is where my guild lives, and that’s the top trading down or top 1-2 on the server. It is a target of at least 2 wars a week.

Nice going Amazon, really.


If it helps they’ll probably just zerg you with 40 hatchets that haven’t swapped off since killing 20 or so rabbits/turkeys so they hit for 3k-4k light attacks and 10 healers to make sure the dumber hatchet wearers who don’t know how berserk works don’t die

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I posted my auctions yesterday morning after my Myrkgard run. I never said mine expired, but I know this is a concern for many people in my company. Instead of waking up and choosing negativity, why not add some positivity to the situation? The world is negative enough.

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I always set my stuff to either 1 day or 3 days and almost everything always sells when there are hours left vs days. So yes, I would have, especially ammo.

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See above

Fixing the gold from trade post taxes should be easy enough. If you track the trades listed on the tradepost that is. If you dont, I Dont see how you would fix the missing gold we’re all still not receiving from when you didnt get gold when stuff sold while you were offline.

Between this, lots of dupers/abusers escaping punishment and finally losing wars due to Marauders enjoying their roaming death squads of Hatchet users I’ve mentally clocked out on New World.

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