Lost 1k Max HP for no reason

I was farming at Malevolence in Edengrove, sitting pretty with 12.1k HP, unbuffed nothing to provide me additional health other than my equipment when all of a sudden after killing a mob, my max HP was slashed down to 11.1k HP with no debuffs or anything to show as to why this would happen.

This isn’t the first time it’s happened, it happened earlier at around level 43 with a loss of about 1.9k hp - but I believe this was eventually righted on a level up at some point. For now though, I am missing health.


it happened to me too and AGAIN. First time it fixed for me the next day but this time the issue continues :confused:

Yep same happend to me. I dropped from 6,8k to 5,7k.

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Happened to a bunch of us yesterday too. I think the max hp% perk isn’t working right or something.

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Yup, same thing here.

Broke after last week’s patch but went back to normal shortly after. Now I’m back to missing that health.

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Do you know about town buffs?

I do. However those do not follow you around the map. Having the health available to me in Edengrove and losing it subsequently in Edengrove does not pertain to a town buff.

Edengrove is not a capturable region.

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