Lost all Fast Travels to Towns/Shrines

  • System Information -Left Empty-

  • Any Error messages you are getting: None

  • What is happening? Lost all my fast travels to towns and shrines.

  • Where are you in the process when you run into the trouble? There was a war going on in monarch on the server Tritonis. I was in que and I guess the server crashed. I started going through the que very fast. When I loaded in I got disconnected. I jumped back in que and when I joined in again all my fast travels where gone. I now have to run to every fast travel again and I really don’t wanna do that.


I got the exact same issue. Same server, same situation… I really hope this gets fixed ASAP, bc otherwise I’m going to spend HOURS running all over the map again.
Not to mention potentially wasted azoth I might gain during the entire process since we can’t port anywhere.

Same for me as well. Happened to me tonight when I logged on for the first time since the patch. Any solution to this yet other than painfully collecting them all again?

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This is why they should have taken 24 hours to do the maintenance instead of just 7 hours.


Same issue… no explanation or fix.

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